Private Cloud Roundtable: Issues and Challenges (Video)

1) Why do private clouds fail?

Time in video: From beginning to 6:24

2) Skepticism about the value of a private cloud; Is a private cloud really a cost savings; what’s the true benefit, if any?

Time in video: 6:25 to 14:17

3) Is the security and privacy associated with the private cloud a reality?

Time in video: 14:18 to 20:53

4) Open Source “versus” Proprietary in private clouds

Time in video: 20:54 to 26:52

5) Taking “baby steps” on the way to a private cloud deployment

Time in video: 26:53 to 28:33

6) What are a few good default solutions for a business considering deploying a private cloud? Focused on commodity hardware? Cloud in a box?

Time in video: 28:34 to 35:59

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