Open Source Cloud: Video Roundtable

Background: By all appearances, the open source cloud platform exists at the sweet spot of two very hot technologies. Open source software has come so very far in the last several years. Long gone is its identity as the “fringe” technology, the geeky enthusiast’s free software choice. It is now firmly established as an enterprise mainstay. Microsoft, of all companies, now has an entire list of open source projects.

And certainly cloud computing has enjoyed a hype wave like none other in the recent past. A brief glimpse of tech headlines might lead you to believe that the answer to all IT problems is “cloud computing.” And indeed, most enterprises are (or are about to) get on board.

But still: open source cloud? Sure, companies are excited about the cloud, but they’re full of concern. How’s the cloud going to work for us? What about costs? Security, privacy, level of service? And sure, open source is great for a lot of things, and perhaps for the cloud, too -- it obviously works for many companies already. But some anxious companies still ask: we just want it to work, simply and without doubt. Is open source cloud for us?

To discuss this, we’ve hosted a Google Hangout with some of the biggest names in the open source cloud sector. See more in our 8 part series above.

Devin Carlen is Founder and CTO of Nebula, makers of a hardware appliance for enterprise cloud computing.
Gordon Haff is senior cloud strategy marketing and evangelism manager at Red Hat.
Marten Mickos is the CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, providers of open source enterprise and private cloud software.
Peder Ulander is vice president of product marketing for the Cloud Platforms group at Citrix.

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