Getting Started with Big Data

1) (3:00 – 9:05) If you were to give one piece of advice to a company just getting started with Big Data, what would it be?

2) (9:06 – 17:25) What are some typical confusions or challenges that company face in using Big Data? Is there a way to avoid this?

3) (17:26 –26:17) Can each of you take an element of Big Data technology and talk about why it’s important? Eli, we talked about Converged Analytics. Will, maybe Silos? Bobby, using a Big Data repository? Peter, allowing users to get access without waiting for IT?

4) (26:18 – 34:03) Where is Big Data headed, say 2-4 years out? What should businesses be aware of, given the future of direction of Big Data?

Businesses of all sizes are looking to gain competitive advantage from Big Data, but they face a series of questions in the process. The first and perhaps most difficult: which tool or solution is the best for their needs? Myriad new and established Big Data applications are available. But amid the blizzard of features, how should a business makes its choice? Is ease of use most important? Depth of data mining? This expert panel will offer insights to help IT professionals cut through the clutter of the Big Data marketplace and select the best possible option -- for the most reasonable cost. 

Eli Collins, Chief Technologist, Cloudera

Will Hayes, CEO, LucidWorks

Srirajasekhar Bobby Koritala, Chief Product Officer, Infogix

Peter Schlampp, Senior VP of Product, Platfora

Graphic courtesy of Shutterstock.

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