Governing Big Data: Video Panel
Three Big Data experts talk about the various issues in monitoring and managing data analytics.

Video panel discussion: Governing Big Data

Big Data offers enormous competitive advantages, yet managing Big Data presente an array of logistical and ethical concerns. To shed light on these issues, we discussed the following questions:

1) What does it mean to "govern" Big Data? What's the most important best practice for governing Big Data? 

2) Quality in Big data: How do you manage data quality?

3) What role does ethics play in Big Data governance? Are companies generally aware of these ethical issues? 

4) Future of Big Data governance? 

Please join us for an in-depth discussion about governing Big Data.

Aaron Kalb 

Head of product, Alation

Sue Geuens 

Data governance specialist, InfoData Group

Mike Matchett 

IT industry analyst, Taneja Group

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