Choosing a Private Cloud Solution

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Before a company chooses a private cloud platform, they must address key questions. Our experts address those questions and offer solutions.

1) (2:38 – 18:54) How do you start the process of selecting a private cloud? What first questions should you ask of providers? Of yourself?

2) (18:55 – 33:10) What tends to be the deciding factor for companies when choosing a private cloud solution? Is it cost? Is it their sense of a solution’s flexibility?  What’s most important, and what’s less important.

3) (33:11 – 43:03) What mistakes and confusions do you see companies encountering in their private cloud deployment or selection process?

4) (43:04 – 52:03) Where is private cloud going? Is every cloud going to be a hybrid cloud?  

Before a company chooses a private cloud platform, they must address key questions: What are the various choices we have in terms of a private cloud deployment – from managed services to on-premise to remotely hosted – and which one suits us best? Additionally, what advantage do we seek by deploying a private cloud, and how does this affect our choice? What about cost, security, vendor lock-in?

Three leading experts will discuss these and other essential issues regarding private cloud in this Google+ Hangout: Tuesday, July 22 at 11:30 PST. Don't have a Google+ account? You can watch live here.

Joe Weinman, analyst, author of Cloudonomics.

Sam Charrington, analyst, consultant, CloudPulse Strategies

Michael Krigsman, advisor, consultant, host of CxOTalk

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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