Big Data: Practical Solutions (Video)

Here are the questions we addressed:

1) Big Data is all about analyzing the data. What’s different about big data analytics versus traditional analytics?

Time in video: 1:04 – 5:53

2) What are some of the challenges companies are facing around big data analytics?

Time in video: 5:54 – 9:36

3) What are some of the most interesting Big Data technologies that you see as leading the way? Graph databases, stream computing, Hybrid Big Data architecture?

Time in video: 9:37 – 18:45

4) Getting started: What advice would give to a company that’s heard all the noise about Big Data, and wants to do more to leverage the oceans of data they collect? What are some first, practical steps you’d recommend, in terms of choosing a solution or increasing their data mining efforts?

Time in video: 18:46 – 23:42

5) Among the various Big Data best practices, which ones do you think are most critical?

Time in video: 23:43 – 29:22

Big Data has the potential to give businesses significant competitive advantage. Yet properly using this emerging technology is far from easy.

Harnessing Big Data involves a tricky bit of enterprise alchemy: turning information into knowledge. Or rather, sifting through oceans of information to find the patterns, the inferences, the knowledge nuggets, that enable you to find business knowledge. To glean actionable knowledge from all the useless data chaff.

But, how, exactly?

That’s the subject I addressed with two industry leading experts in a lively discussion held over Google+.

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