IT Salary Tracker: Instructors/Trainers

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Soon, it will no longer make sense to present salaries for instructors and trainers by region. Educational institutions are learning that with a distance education link, an instructor can teach remotely just as easily as students can learn that way. And with corporate IT salaries so much larger than what teaching jobs pay, colleges and training centers must expand their faculty recruitment efforts far beyond the campus. Thus we'll see security trainers in Phoenix coaching students in New York and semi-retired senior engineers in British Columbia mentoring fledgling developers in Dallas.

As of August 2000, however, wages for IT trainers and instructors were still regionally driven. According to dice.com, EarthWeb's online job board for IT professionals, salaries are highest in San Francisco ($76,000 per year), Silicon Valley ($72,500), and New York ($64,000), corresponding to the three best-paying metro areas for most jobs in the business sector. Silicon Valley has the greatest demand for this type of pro, with 17% of all job listings. New York (14%) and Chicago (10%) are also rich in trainer positions that need filling.

Overall, instructors and trainers make an average salary of $63,750 per year. Top-level salaries hover at around $125,000 per year, and low-end positions are in the $30,000 range. Averages are based on 449 positions listed, with cities bearing fewer than 10 listings excluded from mention. Data came from available jobs listed during August 2000 on dice.com. Results are based on averages or totals from the following information: salary, job type, job skills, and location.

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Highest salary by city (average):
San Francisco, $76,000 yearly salary

Most jobs per city:
Silicon Valley, 17% of total

Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker
Instructors/Trainers: average salaries by city

Source: Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker/August 2000

Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker
Instructors/Trainers: distribution of jobs by city

Source: Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker/August 2000

Chart data compiled by Laurie Souza.

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