Adding Smarts to Real-Time Queries

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To improve data query performance, many DBAs implement data caches--summarized and/or specifically extracted data tables that are periodically refreshed from the raw transactional information--that allow BI analysts to receive quicker reponses to their queries than they would if they were forced to go directly to the main transactional DBs themselves. A potential problem with this approach, however, is deciding what data to cache, and then having to pre-define selected queries for the analysts that will run properly from that cached data.

A new offering from Teksouth Corporation, however, seeks to add intelligence to the data cache selection and usage process. Planted between your BI toolset (and connecting to it via OLEDB) and your data caches and DBs, their EntelliCache software automatically analyzes the queries delivered from the BI application and decides on the fly which queries should be delivered from the data caches and which should go direct to the raw transactional stores. The result is that BI analysts are free to create queries in any way they desire; and the vendor notes that typically 80% of these queries still end up at the data caches anyway. And a future version of EntelliCache is expected to be initially setup without a data cache at all in a special "learning mode" that will enable it to determine the data that should be cached and how often it should be refreshed.

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