Tableau Updated Business Intelligence Software

The business intelligence software vendor Tableau claims that its new data engine is 100 times faster than the previous version.


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Business intelligence software firm Tableau claims that "No other platform allows companies to choose in-memory analytics on gigabytes of data or 'direct connect' to data warehouses like Teradata." Stuart Johnston reports.

Business intelligence software is notoriously complex and can be difficult to use besides being resource-intensive.

Tableau Software this week announced the release of version 6 of the company's business intelligence software of the same name, which was designed for easy use, intuitive graphics, and high performance.

At the top of the list of updates, Tableau 6 features a new data engine that the company claims is 100 times faster than the previous version.

"Our new Tableau Data Engine achieves instant query response on hundreds of millions of data rows, even on hardware as basic as a corporate laptop," Christian Chabot, CEO of Tableau Software, said in a statement.

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