Propel Bows Personal Bandwidth Management

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Frustrated by long upload times, static-filled VoiP calls, or less than smooth video conferencing? Propel Software said its new "Personal Bandwidth Management" software can help.

The software, available for download starting today, is designed to monitor and streamline bandwidth access in real-time, giving priority to applications deemed most important. Specifically, Propel shows how much bandwidth each application consumes over time, and the total cumulative bandwidth consumption across all applications.

When multiple applications compete for bandwidth, it automatically gives higher priority to more time-sensitive traffic, such as a VoIP (define) call, dynamically allocating the available bandwidth in real-time based upon the current traffic mix.

Propel's first product back in 2002 was acceleration software for dial-up Internet users. The company's flagship product, Propel Accelerator, is designed for users of WiFi hotspots, low-speed broadband as well as dial-up connections.

"Propel PBM is the next step up for improving the Internet. It's solidly targeted at people who use a high speed Internet connection for different applications," David Murray, Propel's CEO, told InternetNews.com.

The software also employs "traffic-shaping policies" the company said automatically gives higher priority to time-sensitive applications from lower priority, competing traffic. If someone sending a large email attachment, for example, gets a VoIP call, the two network activities may compete for the available outbound bandwidth, and degrade the quality of the call.

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