Microsoft Inches Closer to Open Source

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Microsoft wants more open source software to run on Windows. Microsoft also wants its own Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved license. Perhaps they really can get along.

On the software side, Microsoft Thursday announced a partnership with open source solution vendor SpikeSource to eventually certify all of SpikeSource's SpikeIgnited solutions on the Microsoft Windows platform.

The move could make dozens of popular open source solutions available to Windows users in a fully supported manner. SpikeSource solutions include the gambit of content management, CRM and collaboration solutions. The first SpikeIgnited solution being made Windows-certified is the Drupal content management solution. Throughout the second half of 2007, SpikeSource plans on rolling out additional offerings.

SpikeSource noted that there are many challenges associated with getting solutions originally running on Linux to run and be supported on Windows.

"Some challenges are specific to the OS; for example, management and monitoring functionality needed to change to take advantage of Windows Services, WMI and other Windows administrative features," Dominic Sartorio director of product management of SpikeSource, told internetnews.com.

"There are also interoperability issues, such as single sign-on. We needed to make adjustments to work well with ActiveDirectory instead of OpenLDAP, for example."

The partnership with Microsoft will help, though, in making it all work. Sartorio added that Microsoft's interoperability lab has been very supportive, freeing up resources as needed to provide guidance and point SpikeSource to the right tools.

The new partnership with SpikeSource does not, however, include any Microsoft indemnification component to this collaborative effort. Microsoft has alleged that open source software infringes more than 235 Microsoft patents.

A Microsoft spokesperson explained that SpikeSource is overseeing the certification. Customers of Windows-certified products from SpikeSource receive support, updates and maintenance for the SpikeIgnited solution, including middleware and application software. SpikeSource partners receive training on SpikeIgnited solutions while the Windows operating system is sold and supported by Microsoft.

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