Business Intelligence For The Mobile Crowd

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Cognos is testing a wireless version of its entire suite of business intelligence reports.

If all goes well with beta testing this month, the solution will be available for users of BlackBerry devices from Research in Motion (Quote, Chart) in the first half of 2007.

The solution will allow executives to view and interact with the same Cognos business intelligence reports and in the same manner as they do on their desktops.

This has implications for the increasing number of executives who spend significant amounts of time away from their desks.

Don Campbell, vice president of platform strategy and technology, told internetnews.com that Cognos wants to help its customers get more out their investments in business intelligence.

"We can also touch more users within our customer base," he said.

Cognos 8 Go Mobile will be available as a rich client application that is pushed out to mobile devices by IT departments.

This means it won't have to be installed or configured by end users.

Users will be able to interact with reports in several ways.

They will be able to get drill-down details by hovering over a chart, and will be able to flip columns into rows to make it easier to scroll through tables on a BlackBerry.

Cognos Mobile
For the love of piecharting on a BlackBerry.
Source: Cognos

And users will be able to review reports whether they're online.

When they are online, they will be able to pull down as many reports as they want, and they will be able to forward reports as well.

Most files are compressed down to below 15kb, meaning they won't take long to send and receive.

That small file size should also let users download a large number of reports.

Cognos is certainly not the first business intelligence solutions vendor to offer a mobile applications.

But other mobile business intelligence solutions have significant drawbacks.

For instance, most require IT to build reports all over again for the new environment.

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