Apple's Safari Beta 2 Goes Tabbing

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Taking a note from Opera's power-browsing capabilities, Apple Computer on Monday released a new beta of the Safari browser, adding tabbed page-switching and an AutoFill feature aimed at speeding up Web browsing.

The new Safari beta, an OS X browser first released in January and based on the KDE Project's KHTML code, will now allow users to see and switch between multiple Web pages in a single window via tabbed browsing.

Also new is the 'AutoFill' feature which lets users auto-complete Web forms with information from the Address Book or previous forms. The feature will allow users to automatically fill in name, street address, city, zip code, email and other information. The updated beta also provides the option of automatically filling in user names and passwords, which are securely stored in the Mac OS X Keychain.

The latest Safari add-ons resemble the move by Norway's Opera Software to add speed-browsing buttons on its Opera 7 browser and comes at a time when both Apple and Opera are aggressively challenging Microsoft's Internet Explorer for market share.

The free browser, which has counted 2 million downloads since January 7, is being styled at the "fastest Web browser ever created for the Mac," and also introduces a new "Reset Safari" option for the protection of personal information, especially on public computers.

The new "Reset Safari" feature lets users erase browsing history, empty the browser cache, clear the Downloads window and remove cookies. It can also be used to clear Google search queries and remove any saved names and passwords or other AutoFill text.

Additional Safari Beta 2 features include the ability to import Netscape and Mozilla bookmarks, support for AppleScript, standards compatibility for improved web browsing and expanded language support for Japanese, French and German.

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