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Posted February 1, 2000

Paul Tindall

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Figure 2: Object-rich frameworks cut coding drudgery. Oracle's framework, called Business Components for Java, provides both Corba and EJB components. This runtime view of a simple Oracle components-based app includes entity objects, associations, view objects, view links, and application modules. Entity objects like Customer, Bill, and Payment encapsulate the business logic and database storage details of your business entitites. Associations relate and compose business entities to capture all their relationship. View objects like SlowPayingCustomers and LatePayments join, filter, project, and sort business data for task-specific needs. View links declaratively coordinate hierarchies of master-detail queries to support sophisticated UIs. Application modules like PaymentTermsManagementApp assemble, package, and deploy all the view objects and business services required for a complete app.

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