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Posted December 2, 1999

David Strom

David Strom

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Caching products/services

The caching universe has a wide and ever-growing number of players. Here is a scorecard to identify which companies are offering which products and service types.

Company Name Product/Service Type
Adero Inc. AderoWorld Service
Akamai Technologies Inc. FreeFlow Service
CacheFlow Inc. CacheFlow series Appliance
Cisco Systems Inc. Cache Engine 500 series Appliance
Cobalt Networks Inc. Cache Cube Packaged Server
Compaq Computer Corp. TaskSmart Appliance Novell Inc.
Digital Island Inc./Sandpiper Netowrks Inc. Global Cache Service
Entera Corp. TeraNode Packaged Server
Eolian Inc. InfoStorm Packaged Server
Foundry Networks Inc. ServerIron Prepackaged Server
InfoLibria Inc. DynaCache Appliance
Inktomi Corp. Traffic Server Software
Lucent Technologies IPWorX WebCache Appliance
Microbits (Australia) Intelli-App Appliance Novell Inc.
Microsoft Corp. Proxy Server Software
Mirror Image Internet Inc. Proxy Server Service
Netscape Communications Corp. Proxy Server 3.5 Software
Network Appliance Inc. NetCache Packaged Server
Novell Inc. Internet Caching System Software
Pionex Technologies Inc. Elite PCA Appliance Novell Inc.
Quantex Microsystems Inc. WebXL Appliance Novell Inc.
Sandpiper Networks Inc./Digital Island Inc. FootprintService
SkyCache Inc. SkyCache Service
Solid Data Systems Inc. Excellerator 600 and Excellerator Ultra Family Appliance
Squid Squid Software
WebSpective Software/Inktomi Corp. WebSpective Software Workfire server Software
General caching information can be found at the following Web sites:
Brian Davison's caching resources and product comparisons
Collaborative Research's Internet Caching Center
Note: Internet Caching Protocol/Squid is designed for caches to pass objects amongst themselves while the Cache Interface Protocol/Akamai is designed to report back hit statistics between cache objects and host/origin servers.
Source: David Strom and vendor Web sites.

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