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34) CBS MoneyWatch (free): Videos with practical financial advice.

35) Daily Finance (free): Powered by AOL Money & Finance, this gives real-time stock quotes and customizable news from over 3,000 sources.

36) Forbes Intelligent Investing (free): A series of stories and videos from the business world's most intelligent minds.

37) Stock Toolbox ($2.99): Get investment advice from a variety of sources.

38) Market Simplified for TD AMERITRADE (free): View news, quotes, and charts so you can take control of your portfolio.

39) Morningstar (free): Investors, get news on featured stocks and funds.

40) StockNews QuicknEasy RSS ($.99): Get news from a variety of stock-related RSS feeds.


41) CBS Sports Mobile (free): Complete coverage of the NBA playoffs and every MLB game.

42) College Sports News ($.99): College sports news from around the world.

43) Easy Sports ($.99): Quick access to six popular sports Web sites.

44) FOX Sports Mobile (free): News and videos for all major sports.

45) L.A. Times Sports Reader (free): The top stories in L.A. sports.

46) at Bat 2009 ($9.99): Detailed data on live baseball games.

47) Sportacular (free): Current scores, standings, and schedules for all major sports.

48) Sports News ($.99): The latest news for sports leagues around the world.

49) SportsTap (free): Sports news for both U.S. and international leagues.

50) Texas Sports ($2.99): Nothing but college sports news from the state of Texas.

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