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Posted December 18, 2008

Cynthia Harvey

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23. Check A Web-based Email Account from Gmail. If you use Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, or another free Web-based email service, you won't be able to use the technique described above to check your other email account. Instead, set up your other account to forward your messages to Gmail. That will send any new messages to your Gmail account. If you want to import your old messages, you'll need to forward them individually from your other account to your Gmail account—a time-consuming process, to say the least. However, because Gmail gives you the option of enabling POP and IMAP, it's generally pretty easy to configure other email clients (including Hotmail) to access your Gmail account.

24. Check Gmail from Your Phone or PDA. You can access the mobile version of Gmail, and you can download other Google apps for your phone from the page. In addition, you can find detailed instructions on using Gmail on your phone or PDA from the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab of the settings.


Finally, here are a few more tips for becoming a Gmail super-user that didn't fit into our other categories.

25. Faster Gmail. If you have a slow connection or are having trouble accessing all the features of Gmail (which is more likely if you're using a browser other than Internet Explorer or Firefox), scroll to the bottom of your inbox screen and click the "basic HTML" link. You'll lose some features like spell check, filters, and contacts, but Gmail will load much more quickly.

26. Even Faster Gmail. For the fastest Gmail, use the mobile version; you can access it from your desktop or laptop just as you would from a phone or PDA.

27. Fun With User Names. If you put a plus sign (+) or a period (.) in your Gmail username, Gmail ignores it. In other words, johndoe@gmail.com, john.doe@gmail.com, john+doe@gmail.com, and even j+o.h+n.d+o.e+@gmail.com will all get sent to the same account. This opens up new possibilities for using filters and trying to determine how spammers are getting your email address. For example, if you shop at a particular online store frequently, you can sign up for that site with a variation on your Gmail address and then configure your filters to give all messages that come to that address a particular label. Or if you're concerned that a particular site might not protect your privacy, sign up with a variation on your email address and see if you get any spam sent to that address.

28. Alternate Domain. You can have mail sent to @gmail.com or @googlemailcom. Both domains will be delivered to the same place, which gives you a few more options if you like the idea of using slightly different addresses for different purposes.

29. Gmail Notifier. If you have Google Talk, you'll automatically be notified when you receive a Gmail message. If you don't use Google Talk, you can still receive notifications when a message arrives by downloading the Gmail notifier.

30. Mailing Other Gmail Users. To send a message to another Gmail user, just type that person's username in the "To" box; you don't need to type the @gmail.com part of the address.

31. Check Your Account Activity. Worried that someone else may be accessing your Gmail account? Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see how recently your account was accessed. Click on the details link for more information about recent Gmail access, including the IP addresses that accessed your account. From this activity information screen, you can also click a button that will close out any other open sessions of your Gmail account.

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