Oracle Moves Towards 'Universal' Archive

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Oracle said it's developed a more comprehensive archiving solution for customers concerned with compliance issues as well as those needing to search through an expanding number of data types. Oracle's Universal Online Archive and E-mail Archive Service are set for release this year.

Both Archive products are components of Oracle's Fusion Middleware and already available on Oracle's price lists, though company officials were coy about an official release. The debut was timed for today at Collaborate 2008 in Denver, a major gathering of three independent Oracle user groups.

"As we've been talking to customers in the content management space, for a variety of reasons including compliance and search, a lot of them are looking to Oracle to really scale these systems to meet new demands," Andy MacMillan, an Oracle executive for the company's content management line, told InternetNews.com.

MacMillan described the E-mail Archive Service as a single repository companies can use to archive data from a range of sources from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint to non-Oracle Enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS).

These latest content management solutions build on Oracle's current content management solutions, though MacMillan said it's also an opportunity to win new business. "We take into account a wide vary of customer data types, not just Oracle," he said.

IDC analyst Vivian Gopico-Tero said Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is addressing enterprises need to better deal with growing mounds of information and streamline operations.

"Universal Online Archives is a strategic sell since it requires companies to consider their preferred architecture for managing content (beyond email) in the back end," Gopico-Tero, told InternetNews.com via email.

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