Many Data Types--One Management Platform

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Information Lifecycle Management products often focus on the management of specific silos of information within your organization. Multiple products, for example, will assist you in the automated archiving and E-discovery of your E-mail messages based on policies you define; while other tiered-storage products will allow you to shuffle your must-save data to and from various storage mediums, based on their relative worth to the organization at any given time and their defined compliance timeframes. Though each data management need in your organization shares similar characteristics (information classification, automated policy-based data movement, etc.) if you're like most shops then you must manage several different applications to meet these needs--one application for each of the main types of data you accumulate.

New ILM player Scentric, Inc. this week introduced their flagship product offering, a data classification and management platform for Enterprise deployments. Called Scentric Destiny, the key platform components can be distributed across departmental and/or geographic boundaries for scalability and boasts as a key feature the ability to manage all forms of data; including files, E-mails, and databases. With Scentric Destiny, you can implement tiered storage, automated archiving, and any other data classification and policy-based data movement infrastructure that you require without requiring multiple point products and with the ability to scale out as your data storage needs grow. Though initially supporting Windows data (Windows servers, Exchange, and SQL Server) the vendor states that they'll support other platforms in future releases. Scentric Destiny is expected to be generally available next Monday and leads our list of key Enterprise IT Planet Product Guide briefings for this week.

Also making their debuts this week are Univa Globus Enterprise, a commercially supported Grid infrastructure based on the Globus toolkit; and Type80 Syslog, with the ability to automatically route mainframe console messages to TCP/IP syslog compatible tools.

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SMA_RT / Type80 Syslog
Sentry Security Platform

Univa Globus Enterprise
Converged Traffic Manager

Scentric Destiny
SQL Tools

Featured Security Products:

SMA_RT / Type80 Syslog
Type80 Inc.
Profile-based security event monitoring and alerting platform for IBM z/OS. New offering provides for automated routing of mainframe console messages and write-to-operator messages to TCP/IP Syslog tools.

Sentry Security Platform
Wiresoft Net, Inc.
Perimeter Security appliance for SMBs provides multiple functions, including anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN, and firewall. New release adds ANA monitoring and heuristic/Bayesian anti-spam filtering.

Alladin Knowledge Systems Ltd.
Gateway based content filtering platform for both E-mail and Web traffic can be deployed in multiple configurations, including as a bridge, router, or proxy. New release features URL filtering and anti-spyware enhancements.

Featured Networking Products:

Univa Globus Enterprise
Univa Corp.
Grid infrastructure (based on the open source Globus Toolkit) facilitates the sharing of data sets and CPU resources among apps and users.

Strix Systems, Inc.
Line of wireless mesh gear provides for the deployment of extended 802.11 WLANs in indoor and outdoor scenarios. New outdoor module supports up to 6 radios.

Converged Traffic Manager
Converged Access, Inc.
Traffic identification and management appliance allows for the prioritization of traffic per application, session, and user. New release includes pre-defined policy templates.

Featured Storage Products:

Scentric Destiny
Scentric, Inc.
Platform provides centrally controlled classification and automated management and movement of multiple data types, including files, E-mails, and DB data.

Remote Backup Systems, Inc.
Online platform allows you to backup your local data to a remote system over the Internet. New release features byte-level differential backups.

SQL Tools
Red Gate Software Ltd.
Collection of SQL Server (compare/sync, backup, more) tools targeted to DBAs and developers. New features include enhanced project management and an interactive help bar.

More Security, Networking, and Storage products and downloads at http://products.enterpriseitplanet.com.

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