Dell Debuts 3 New Storage Systems

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During a time when managing disparate storage systems is key for luring customers, Dell Monday debuted three new storage systems geared for small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate workgroups.

In the interest of supporting heterogeneous environments, Dell's PowerVault 775N, 770N and 725N network-attached storage (NAS) systems enable the management of data between applications running Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, UNIX, Linux, and Apple Macintosh operating environments.

Dell claims the NAS systems can be set up in roughly 15 minutes with minimal IT expertise, and can be managed remotely using intuitive Web-based management software.

The concept of storage systems that accommodate software from a variety of competing vendors has become increasingly important, as systems rivals such as Dell, IBM, HP and Sun all practice it: they are willing to put aside competitive fires to please CIOs who desire quick, easily manageable storage systems that are flexible and won't balk at running certain types of software. Cost efficiency, in these trying economic times, is also a huge issue for the CIOs, who abhor having to spend additional money on software that may not work on their hardware systems.

Powered by Intel Xeon chips and Windows, the PowerVault 770N and 775N systems are geared for file sharing, e-mail, multimedia, software distribution and application server support. The systems can accommodate up to 17 terabytes (TB) with the addition of SCSI drives, or up to 40TB by connecting to Dell EMC storage either as a direct-attached array or through a storage area network (SAN). This SAN Gateway allows customers to expand their networks by adding to existing storage resources. Both systems offer I/O slots, redundant power and Embedded Remote Access Management utilities to MAKE WAY FOR fast, easy system configuration.

Geared for small offices, the PowerVault 725N is fitted with Intel Pentium 4 processors and ServerWorks' Grand Champion SL core logic technology to offer the performance and scalability growing businesses require. The centralized network storage system supports up to 3GB of DDR SDRAM and dual-gigabit ports for load-balancing and failover capabilities.

The 2U PowerVault 775N and 5U PowerVault 770N for rack and tower environments are now available, starting at $4,999. The 725N will begin shipping this month, starting at $1,799.

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