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AI examples abound. It's very likely that you've interacted with artificial intelligence today without even realizing it.


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11. Spotify

Like Netflix, music services are also heavily invested in making good recommendations. Apple famously has human-curated recommendation lists, but Spotify is betting on AI. Its Discover Weekly feature makes custom recommendations for each user based on his or her past listening history, and those recommendations use machine learning to get better with time. Of course, the service also allows users to create custom playlists and share them with friends, but the AI-based feature is an attempt to introduce users with music they haven't heard before that they may like.

A quick search turns up the fact that Spotify has several job openings related to machine learning and other aspects of AI, so it's safe to assume the company is continuing to pursue its AI investments.

12. Pandora

Like other streaming services, Pandora also uses algorithms to power its recommendation engines, but it doesn't discuss its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Its Thumbprint Radio feature, which it describes as a hyper-personalized radio station, does seem to have some machine learning capabilities, however, as it tracks songs that users have given a "thumbs up" and uses them to find similar songs. The service also has a Music Genome Project which uses a wealth of data to find similarities between different pieces of music.


You've probably never heard of DSSTNE (pronounced like "destiny"), but you have almost certainly used it. DSSTNE is Amazon's recommendation engine for its online shopping site; in other words, it's the service that tries (often successfully) to cross-sell products on Amazon.com. Last year, Amazon released DSSTNE under an open source license, which means that the same technology may now be integrated into other services, applications and websites that you use regularly. The company said, "We are releasing DSSTNE as open source software so that the promise of deep learning can extend beyond speech and language understanding and object recognition to other areas such as search and recommendations. We hope that researchers around the world can collaborate to improve it. But more importantly, we hope that it spurs innovation in many more areas."

14. Watson

After it won the television game show Jeopardy, IBM's Watson became one of the most well-known AIs in the world. IBM has continued to expand on Watson's capabilities and today it offers a host of services under the Watson brand name. IBM's focus is on providing cognitive computing (the company's preferred term for artificial intelligence) capabilities to developers so that they can incorporate them into their own applications. The Built with Watson section of its website features lots of examples of apps created using the technology, and it's quite possible that you have used more than one app that is powered by Watson technology. And of course, if you are a developer, it's also quite possible that you have used the Watson APIs yourself.

15. DeepMind

Purchased by Google in 2014 and now part of the Alphabet parent company , DeepMind is a London-based organization focused on artificial intelligence research. It made headlines last March, when its AlphaGo program became the first AI to beat the world's best players of the board game Go. If you play Go online, you may have unwittingly matched up against the AI. Recently, news broke that AlphaGo had been secretly participating in online tournaments under the pseudonym "Master" or "Magister." It won 50 matches in a row, sparking rampant speculation on Reddit about the mysterious player's identity. The DeepMind CEO later confessed that the company had been doing some "unofficial testing" of a new prototype AI.

16. Viv

You almost certainly have not used Viv today, but you might use it later this year. Viv is an artificial intelligence startup that Samsung acquired in late 2016. The Korean firm later announced that it would be including a new AI digital assistant in the Galaxy X8 smartphone, which is due for launch this year. That new digital assistant will be based on Viv technology. Samsung hasn't released a lot of details about the assistant, but has said that third-party developers will be able to attach and upload services that will work with the AI.

17. Einstein

Einstein is Salesforce.com's AI, which is incorporated into its cloud-based enterprise software. So if your company uses Salesforce's Sales cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud or App Cloud, you may very well have interacted with this AI today. The company touts Einstein as "AI for everyone," and its focus is on making predictive analytics, machine learning and other AI services easy for businesspeople without a lot of technical expertise to use. It also offers Einstein capabilities to developers who are building IoT apps or enterprise apps that use Salesforce data. For those interested in learning more about artificial intelligence in general, its website has a wealth of easy-to-understand information.

18. Pandorabots

Chatbots are becoming the go-to method for companies to provide basic customer service functionality, like answering simple questions. In many cases, the end users don't even realize they are talking to a machine rather than a human being.

Pandorabots claims to be the "world's leading chatbot platform" and provides the underlying technology for more than 285,000 chatbots. It offers a free integrated development environment for building chatbots, as well as paid services designed to make the process of building and deploying a bot faster and easier. It also integrates with third-party services like Twitter, Twilio and Slack.

19. Wolfram Alpha

If you have a question about almost anything, type it into the Wolfram Alpha website, and you're very likely to get a correct answer in response. This project's ambitious goal is "to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone." It already includes more than 10 trillion pieces of primary source data that is constantly being updated, and it has algorithms related to more than a thousand domains, as well as being able to perform more than fifty thousand kinds of equations and algorithms. Many other services, such as Microsoft Bing Search, DuckDuckGo search, Siri, Samsung S Voice and others, use Wolfram Alpha's capabilities to respond to some natural language inquiries from users.

20. Wix

Today artificial intelligence isn't just powering websites — in some cases, it's also designing those websites. Last year, the Wix website creation service launched a new capability called Wix ADI (short for "artificial design intelligence") that uses artificial intelligence to design custom websites. These aren't just template-based sites; the company claims that no two sites created with the service are the same. There's a demo video on the website that shows how it works. The service is currently available, so it's possible that you've already visited a website created by an AI without even realizing it.

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