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When Google+ was integrated into YouTube, an epic culture clash erupted. Yet the move reveals much about Google's larger strategy.
Posted November 13, 2013

Mike Elgan

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 In their video rants about the switchover to Google+ comments, prominent YouTubers expressed astonishing ignorance about Google+, suggesting that YouTube is the center of the world and that Google+ is tiny and irrelevant. In fact, Google+ blew past YouTube more than a year ago, and is now far larger than YouTube.

The YouTubers accusing Google of "gaming the system" by putting pro-Google+ comments on top are merely encountering the fact that the ranking of comments is being influenced by user actions on Google+. They stare in disbelief as they see a passionate Google+ community they didn’t know existed come streaming in through the wormhole created by Google’s integration and start taking over their comment threads. They’ll soon learn that this is a good thing, because these are all additional eyeballs.

YouTube superstars want fame, influence, subscriptions and traffic (which for many leads to money).

Here's what YouTube fans will learn over the coming weeks: Google+ makes them a lot more famous.

In fact, integration with Google+ instantly more than doubles their potential audience, theoretically, while at the same time making their videos more sharable and viral.

While YouTube stars are getting more famous, YouTube users are gaining a new voice, too. The most astonishing new feature is barely discussed. When you post a comment on YouTube, the default setting below the comment box is: "Also share on Google+." That posts the video on the commenter's Google+ stream with the comment serving as the post itself. Every YouTube comment is now elevated to full Google+ post status.

Now, instead of each YouTube comment being buried under a mountain of profane trolling and obscene ASCII pictures, it will be placed on a Google+ pedestal where the comment itself is the center of attention.

Also: Google+ users post YouTube videos all the time. Now, in addition to those posts gaining the normal Google+ comments, they'll also gain YouTube comments. While this will net more comments than before for the Google+ user, the real winner is the YouTube video poster.

In other words, the Google+ integration is by far the best thing that ever happened to non-trolling YouTube stars and users who want to be more viral, famous and influential.

Google has been executing for more than two years now on a grand vision: To integrate its many disconnected services into a seamless Googley user experience.

YouTube fans are narrowly focusing on what they perceive of as having to sign up for an unrelated service in order to comment on Google+. The idea that Google+ is an "unrelated service" to YouTube reveals a profound misunderstanding of what Google is and where it is headed.

As we stream into a new world of artificial intelligent assistants (like Google Now), wearable computing (like Google Glass) and personalized and personally contextualized user experience (like Google everything), Google+ is the necessary glue that makes it all possible.

Google+ integration for YouTube connects that service not only to Google+, but to the future of every Google service and every Google user!

And that’s why YouTube users will soon fall in love with Google+ integration.


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