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A mean-spirited development manager taught a veteran developer the practices to avoid when he himself became a manager.


How to Help Your Business Become an AI Early Adopter

Posted December 17, 2012

Eric Spiegel

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Stan bounced some ideas off of Steve, who discounted them. Undaunted, Stan implemented some new coding techniques and found a way to overcome the bottlenecks.

Yet when Steve presented the new solution to the business team, he actually boasted “You’ll see I led my team to an innovative solution to avoid any overnight processing slowdowns.” He was the one who told Stan it would never work! Stan, furious, turned red, but never said a word.

5. He monitors everything you do and then uses your seemingly innocuous, everyday actions against you. It was common knowledge that company equipment is supposed to be used for company business. But it was also commonly understood that people had to make personal phone calls from time to time, and everyone took breaks to surf the Internet.

What wasn’t commonly known was that Big Brother (i.e. Steve) was watching. Did it really matter if I would check fantasy football scores during a break after coding hours on end? I found it most certainly did when I was up for a promotion and Steve’s favorite Angela got the promotion instead of me.

When I confronted Steve with all of my accomplishments, he acknowledged them. Then said with a wry smile – “but you goof off too much Spiegel.” He went on to cite how many minutes I spent not working each day. “Angela is a workaholic – she is made for management.”

There you have it. You must be a workaholic robot to be a manager. After all the late nights (where he was the one that disappeared) and cancelled vacations, that was the worst dagger of them all.

Sometimes it seems you can never work hard enough!

I can easily guessed what the Ghost of Christmas Future would have showed Steve. In darker moments, I could see him being thrown under the bus by some other greedy manager and he’d come begging to me for a job. Or maybe he would see the error of his ways and start giving credit to those who deserve it.

In reality?

Well, reality bites. Steve is a CIO. We have all learned over time that life isn’t fair. If you want a happy ending, read A Christmas Carol or watch The Grinch.

Bah humbug!

No, no – WAIT! I can’t end on such a dour note this time of year. Steve gave me the greatest present of all which was how NOT to act as a manager. Sometimes we learn more from bad things that happen to us than the good things.

Now, happy holidays to all and to all a good night!

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