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12:30 – Review contracts with lawyers over lunch in office. Determine contract cannot be voided.

13:30 – VP of Sales stops in office to show off new iPhone. Wants IT to support it. While explaining reasons for standardizing on Blackberry, VP of Sales downloads a new ringtone and then states he appreciates the support team making an exception for him. He nonchalantly strolls out of the office blaring his new ringtone.

14:00 – Deliver annual review to underperforming employee who pulls out a salary survey to show how underpaid she is.

14:45 - Lunch of cardboard-like pizza plus dizzying lawyer speak, and a soured annual review leads to every IT person’s favorite afternoon snack: Tums.

15:00 – Do research on BI alternatives on the Web just in case lawyers change mind. Web access sure seems slow. Network monitoring software sure would have been nice.

15:30 – Person on-call goes home with flu. Ask for volunteer to cover tonight. No takers. Assign on-call to team member who feels underpaid. Just because.

17:00 – Finally have time to check email. About 125 new emails since morning, not to mention five new voice mails. Cherry pick messages to respond to and pray nothing important was missed. (Helps that the CIO’s emails are highlighted in red)

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18:00 – On way out of office, “jokingly” called a slacker by one of my colleagues. After amazingly settling into a seat on the subway, pull out laptop to work on weekly status report for the CIO. Had to put away laptop after a few minutes to give up seat to pregnant lady. (I wanted to show IT people have a heart too!)

20:00 – Home in time to have wife hand cranky baby over with a “She is all yours.” Turn on noise machine (the lovely sound of artificial rain falling helps baby – and sometimes adults – stay asleep). After finally rocking her to sleep, a deep, very loud buzzing sound comes through the noise machine. Baby starts crying. Darn Blackberry GSM noise interference!

21:00 – Woof down frozen burritos. Conclude microwave is better invention than Blackberry.

22:00 – Conference call with offshore team to figure out what happened with the build. Some typhoon has hit the offshore office. Realize disaster recovery plan didn’t have contingencies for that team. Another day of Web surfing for the testers tomorrow.

01:00 - Head hits the pillow! But before blissful sleep can end the day, a realization flashes across the strained brain that the weekly status report is not finished thanks to being nice to the pregnant lady. Start to rationalize it can be done on the subway, but no guarantee of a seat. So back down stairs, open the laptop and crank out the status report.

02:00 – Sweet dreams. Unless of course the dreams are about tomorrow. Or maybe dream about being an intrepid IT manager and saving the day?

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