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Windows–Mac–Linux Blogs

Three different operating systems, each with a cadre of diehard experts. Warning: not everyone on this page agrees with one another.

Microsoft Windows Blogs

144) Ed Bott’s Windows Expertise
Ed Bott is one of the experts when it comes to Windows. His deeply knowledgeable posts have earned him a big following. His blog’s motto; “Yes, I’m a PC. You got a problem with that?”

145) Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog
Todd Bishop gained renown as the chief Microsoft watcher for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (which still has a Microsoft blog) and has now launched his own publication, TechFlash. Timely insider-ish analysis of all things Windows-Microsoft.

146) Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo
Still at it after all these years. Thurrot is a longtime pundit and thought shaper in the Windows community.

147) Microsoft’s Windows Blog
Redmond’s official blogs for news and development about the Windows OS, written for a tech-savvy audience. All the latest about Windows 7, along with Windows Server, mobile, gaming, Office, security, and more.

148) Long Zheng’s I Started Something
This resident of Melbourne, Australia is just 21-year-old, but he writes a smart and (sometimes) funny about Windows software. Focus on consumer tech, gaming, mobile.

149) Ron Barrett’s A Better Windows World
Barrett, a longtime IT professional who co-authored a book on Windows Server 2008, knows the Windows OS inside out. His blog travels far afield to many Windows-related topics like back-up and virtualization for Windows.

Apple Macintosh

150) Macworld Weblogs
An all-inclusive portal of blogs covering every conceivable Mac topic, with the venerable Macworld. Includes in-depth analysis by longtime editor Jason Snell.

151) Daring Fireball
John Gruber is a passionate Mac expert, with pithy, sugar-free comments about the full range of Apple toys. Includes links to all many of Apple stuff across the Web.

152) AppleInsider
Apple fandom at its most obsessive, with a focus on product news and pricing. The blog hosts a non-scientific poll about “who’s the most accurate Apple analyst?” Current winner is Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster.

153) Mac Rumors
Leaked news, stray tidbits, analysis of possible trends, insider chat – everything about the Mac platform. Famed Apple blogger Arnold Kim updates his enormously popular blog with the help of a small staff. By the way, here’s an interesting article about Kim and his life as a Mac blogger.

154) Cult of Mac
Big photos and easy-to-read copy geared for a mass consumer audience. All the Mac news, plus a sprinkling of Apple trivia and rumor that’s as arcane as any on the Web.

Linux / Free and Open Source

155) Matt Asay: The Open Road
People know who Matt Asay is and tend to pay attention to what he says – he has genuine “thought leader” status in the Linux community. Hosted by the venerable CNET.

156) SourceForge Community Blog
You know SourceForge, right? It’s a veritable hotbed of Linux coding. Its blog offer news and commentary about open source in general and the zillions of projects hosted at SourceForge.

157) Linux Today Blog
Penned by Linux guru Carla Schroder, this blog explores the latest news that’s sparking conversation among Linux advocates.

158) Mark Shuttleworth’s Blog
No, Mark Shuttleworth doesn’t post too much – he must be seriously busy -– but this blog reveals the thoughts of an immensely important figures in Linux.

159) Aaron Seigo
As an influential developer driving KDE, Siego’s blog provides the ultimate insider’s view on KDE development.

160) Stormy’s Corner: Stormy Peters
Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation, Peters is an energetic and articulate advocate for the open source desktop. Her smart post about women in open source generated a big discussion.

161) Miquel de Icaza’s Web Log
Remarkably, GNOME and Mono founder Icaza not only does all his current projects, he’s also a prolific blogger. Definitely a thought leader in the Linux community.

162) Jim Zemlin
If you want wild-eyed partisanship, you won't get it from Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation. Instead, look for smart, thoughtful comment on the ever burgeoning open source advance in enterprise and consumer tech.

163) Free Software Foundation
Deeply partisan analysis from one of the frontline organizations in the free software movement. These folks are so committed they still refer to Linux as “GNU/Linux.” Probably in deference to founding member Richard Stallman, who churns out a blog post now and then.

164) Linux.com’s Featured Blogs
Linux.com is no longer the font of freelance opinion it was before being acquired by the Linux Foundation. Yet its Featured Blogs do include well-informed commentary by the likes of Brian Proffitt and Jim Zemlin.

165) The Linux Blog
Analysis and off-the-cuff punditry on Fedora, Thunderbird, PostgreSQL and other open source topics.

166) Groklaw
The famed Groklaw is still going strong, far past the SCO case that first brought the blog to prominence. Oddly, though, the byline of founder Pamela Jones was not seen during a recent visit. Is that her posting under the byline “Anonymous”?

167) Sexy Sexy Penguins
Clint Savage is a Linux teacher, so it’s no surprise his blog offers help down to the code level about the open source OS.

168) Ken Hess’s Linux Blog
Ken Hess is a passionate Linux advocate who’s not afraid to point out the weaknesses in open source software. For instance, Has Linux Fallen into a Well?


Bruce Byfield's Off the Beat
Clearly one of the top Linux pundits, Byfield covers the open source desktop with true expertise. You also might peruse his Linux articles here on Datamation.

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