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Pssst! Did you hear about...? Informed commentary, rumor and red-hot scuttlebutt – served up fresh and uncensored.

108) Werner Vogels: All Things Distributed
Naturally, Werner Vogels promotes Amazon – he’s the cloud pioneer’s CTO. But he goes beyond that to offers insight into larger issues in cloud computing, databases and IT, mixing in some interesting personal asides.

109) I, Cringely: Cringley on Technology
This is original Robert X. Cringely (there are more than one – it's a long story). Having earned his street cred with decades in the tech biz, Cringely covers consumer tech and life in general with a sharp anti-conformist bent.

110) Seth Finkelstein’s Infothought
Seth Finkelstein, a programmer, lists his subject area as “Wikipedia, Google, censorware, and an inside view of net-politics.”

111) Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
Veteran open source pundit Vaughn-Nichols promotes Linux on the desktop and in business. Here’s a second Linux-related blog he writes.

112) Esther Schindler
Thoughts on open source and programming – and myriad other topics – from an experienced pundit who can translate complex technology into clear writing.

113) Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO
Cutts, a software engineer and head of Google’s Webspam team, covers a lot of Internet-related issues. An important blog for dedicated Google watchers.

114) Beyond VC
A venture capitalist who chronicles venture funding, Ed Sims is the managing director of Dawntreader Ventures, which invests in an extensive portfolio of emerging tech firms. Reading his posts is like being a fly on the wall as key funding decisions are brokered.

115) Henry Blodget: The Business Insider
I confess to being a big fan of Blodget. Okay, granted, during the dotcom bubble Blodget got into trouble for conflict of interest, but his comments on tech/finance are some of the most interesting reads on the Web.

116) WebNewser
News about the Web and the constantly churning mediasphere, WebNewser gives you something to yak about around the water cooler. The crew includes witty media observer Chris Nerney.

117) Leo Laporte
Laporte is a well-known figure in the tech world, with a Webcast, Friendfeed, and just about every other medium for connecting with his audience. But his blog (at least on a recent visit) seems mainly about himself and his show. (Full disclosure: I’ll always be a fan of Laporte because he once interviewed me on his TechTV show and was a very gracious host.)

118) Marc Andreessen
I would have removed Andreessen’s blog from the list – it appears inactive. But he claims that he’ll be back soon with fresh content, and Andreessen – an insider even among insiders – gets a special pass. Having co-founded Netscape, and more recently the social network Ning, he’s also on the board of Facebook and eBay. He really gets around.

119) Esther Dyson
A pundit since the late ‘90s dotcom frenzy (if not before) Dyson has extensive experience as a venture capitalist. She blogs about Web business and social media, among other topics.

120) Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard
This former managing editor of Salon has written a book about blogging, Say Everything, that covers the medium’s history and larger context. His personal blog is a well-written discourse on the media-tech landscape.

121) Technology Entries: Dealscape
Pssst! Have you hear about the upcoming acquisition? Whispers and murmurs about tech deals and business relationships you might not hear elsewhere.

122) Good Morning Silicon Valley
He’s still at it: John Murrell offers a lively mix of tech business news, intelligently and entertainingly written.

123) VentureBeat
Did you know that Twitter is valued at about $1 billion? You would if you read this blog about the business of tech, which focuses on consumer tech news and trends. Written by a full staff, including major tech pundit Paul Boutin.

124) Google Blogoscoped
Everything you’d want to know about the search giant that rules the world (or at least everything that’s publicly knowable). Among its past highpoints: it broke the news about the release of Google Chrome.

125) Ron Miller
Short, pointed posts and copious links about, well, pretty much everything: Apple, open source, software, Web publishing, eBooks, Gmail. Miller has been a tech journalist for 20 years.

126) John Dvorak Uncensored
Due to his affiliation with Marketwatch, veteran pundit John Dvorak has a loud megaphone. Crusty, contrarian and straight-forward, you clearly know his attitude toward whatever consumer or business tech issue he’s addressing. The link above is his personal blog; here’s his work on Marketwatch, John Dvorak’s Second Opinion.

127) Mark Cuban Blog Maverick
A colorful character. Having scored bundles of cash back in the dotcom madness, Cuban now does what he wants, including penning a very non-shy blog about the Internet, media and a variety of odds and ends.

128) Device Guru
Hardware, chips, embedded processors, and robotics, covered in pithy detail by Rick Lehrbaum, a blogger with extensive industry experience.

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