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Consumer Tech Blogs: Mobile/Gadgets/Gaming

If you’re looking for consumer tech/gadget blogs, you’ll find some of the biggest ones in this list’s Most Popular category. But consumer tech is such a heavily covered area that the list continues below:

60) Crave, the Gadget Blog
Details about the whirlygig tech toys you crave so much, including games and assorted weird stuff (like USB hand warmers – you need a pair, right?). Published by CNET.

61) Walt Mossberg
When the Great One speaks, people listen: the Wall Street Journal’s personal tech expert is a heavyweight gadget/personal software reviewer.

62) Ubergizmo
Focusing on offbeat, cutting edge stuff, the kind of personal tech gear you buy when you’re an early adopter. Cool photos.

63) Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools
Hosted by the venerable Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine. Not just another gadget blog, this is a thoughtful cornucopia of interesting tech stuff: software, videos, maps, Web sites. He accepts submissions from readers and posts the best of them. It’s part of his wide ranging tech blog portal.

64) Boy Genius Report
Founded by a former writer for Engadget, this covers the rapidly growing world of mobile devices/cell phones/personal digital assistants.

65) Laptop Magazine Blog
A lot of good, knowledgeable coverage of netbooks and laptaps and the software that runs them, penned by a sizeable crew. They’re into it.

66) Notebooks.com
Product news, prices, buying tips. Definitely a place to visit before you invest in your next portable.

67) Daily Tech: Gadgets
A lot of product news with prices and fresh releases. The full range of consumer tech, from the iPhone to Windows Home Server.

68) GottaBeMobile
Tablet PC, netbook, mobile PC, and Multi-Touch tidbits and analysis. Also includes editorials, like “The Autumn of OS Upgrades” and “Why I’ll Pass on the Apple Tablet.”

69) The Raw Feed
Tech pundit Mike Elgan, a Datamation columnist, provides a fast take on technology's effect on culture (and visa versa). A lively mix of gizmos, gadgets and Web trends.

70) Android Guys
In theory, Google’s Android mobile platform is going to be a very, very big deal. The AndroidGuys chronicle its every new release and development trend.

71) Computer Power User
As the title suggests, this is for dudes and dudettes who want to get under the hood and juice up their PC. A sample: “How’d you like a motherboard that combines a P45 chipset and a socket for your favorite Socket 775 CPU *and* and an Ion subsystem?” Vroom!

72) Hacked Gadgets
Who says you’re stuck with what the manufacturer sells you? Get out your screwdriver and soldering gun – and your imagination. We’re hacking our toys! DIY!

73) Bit Tech Blog
They’re young, they’re British, they’re all guys, and they love gaming, software, modifying their PCs, and all sorts of other techie stuff. Quite right.

74) PC World
The national magazine’s blogs cover Windows, Mac, printers, spyware, cell phones, and more, with some pithy opinion thrown in.

75) PC Magazine
Giving PC World a run for its money, twin brother PC Magazine delves into every variety of consumer tech, and also provides a dose of business tech analysis.

76) Wi-Fi Networking News
Glenn Fleishmann goes deep. While other blogs dash off 3-4 sentence throwaways, Fleishmann writes thoughtful, sometimes article-length pieces about the constantly whirling world of Wi-Fi. Also check out Wi-Fi Planet.

77) Mediabistro: MobileDevices/MobileApps
Reports on fresh apps for your handheld – yup, this is a growth sector. Plus, hardware, media and entertainment links and business news for the mobile/cell world.

78) Webware
Featuring commentary by tech veteran Rafe Needleman, Webware covers the rapidly growing sector of Web-based apps. Webware stays right on top of the very latest Web app news.

79) TorrentFreak
The freshest scoop about BitTorrent, the internationally popular filesharing protocol. Essential reading for those following the P2P world.

80) Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide
A massively popular blog. Churns out enough gaming news and trend analysis for even the most hardcore gamer.

81) Joystiq
Clearly one of the top gaming blogs. Updated minute by minute. Produced by AOL Games, hence the blog’s budget and level of professionalism.

82) Desctructoid
Visually attractive, Destructoid offers an exhaustive supply of gaming news and opinion. Tons of reviews and previews.

83) jkOn The Run
A detailed link-rich report on current personal mobile technology. Founding editor James Kendrick has been using mobile devices “since they weighed 30 pounds.” Part of the GigaOm Network.

84) CrunchGear
A sub-blog of the sprawling TechCrunch blog empire. Gadgets, gear and computer hardware – an ultimate outpost for those obsessed with pretty toys.

85) Digital Inspiration
India-based blogger Amit Agarwai writes prolifically about using personal tech for improved productivity and entertainment. He offers copious easy-to-use tutorials, like his hack for reading magazines online for free. A highly popular blog.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

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