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Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Some of the most well-written and thought provoking technology blogs.

190) Pogue's Posts – NYTimes
The New York Times’ gadget guy, David Pogue is, quite simply, great. A conversational, entertaining writer, remarkably knowledgeable, his guidance about consumer tech is respected across the tech industry. Check him out for the iPhone, email, camcorders and much more.

191) Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion
“Blogging feels old,” wrote Steve Rubel, a senior VP at Edelman Digital, “Publishing is all about the flow.” He now holds forth in what he calls his “Lifestream” – a hub of his various social networks. Oddly, you can visit the page and…it looks exactly like a blog. No matter, Rubel analyzes the intersection of technology and media with great awareness and a readable tone.

192) Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail
The Wired editor is a thought leader whose book The Long Tail helped place the term into standard usage; his newest bestseller, Free, is also sparking conversations. His blog is full of fresh and interesting ruminations on digital culture.

193) SearchEngineLand
Led by Danny Sullivan, arguably the most famous name in coverage of search engines, this massively trafficked blog delves into all aspects of SEO and search engine marketing. For more blogs about search engines, take a gander at the Top 25 SEO blogs, which naturally lists the esteemed Bruce Clay.

194) Chris Pirillo
Host of the uber-geek conference Gnomedex, and the founder of the tech portal Lockergnome, the peripatetic Pirillo blogs – often with video – about everything tech-related: how to buy a hard drive, online coupons, Mega64. Prillo claims he produces 1,000 videos a year.

195) Shtetl-Optimized: The Blog of Scott Aaronson
Clearly one of the most quirky-brilliant minds in the nerdosphere, this MIT professor blogs about topics like Essentials of complexity-theoretic stand-up comedy and What is it like to be a nerd? Highly entertaining.

196) Paid Content
The news site as blogging portal: Rafat Ali and his crew have earned a spot at the very top of the “news about media” heap. As the Internet reshapes every media field – from TV to advertising – Paid Content blogs about it incessantly in real time.

197) John Battelle’s Searchblog
Long time Web participant/observer John Battelle analyzes the confluence of search, media and technology. He interviews the likes of General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt and he authored the respected The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. Among his interesting posts is I Blew It on Facebook.

198) Wolfe’s Den
The expertise of veteran tech observer Alex Wolfe travels far and wide, from Windows 7 to eBooks to SaaS to Richard Stallman to, well – it just keeps going. Intelligently and interestingly written. Who else can veer from Cory Doctorow to Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book?

199) Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type
A thoughtful and engaging writer, Carr’s Atlantic magazine piece Is Google Making Us Stupid? (the answer: yes) prompted copious blogging among the chattering classes. That same quality of piquant, entertaining analysis is on display regularly at Rough Type.

200) Scobleizer
The famed Robert Scoble – onetime Microsoft evangelist, currently a Rackspace employee – is as immersed in Internet media as any living, breathing human being can be. A pioneer in the blogging space, his blog can be read as a kind of “mood of the zeitgeist” template, with his posts (sometimes rants) reflecting what the Web chattering class is most preoccupied with. For example, his diatribe about Twitter’s suggested user list, or his critique of Google Wave.

201) Doc Searls Weblog
Senior editor of Linux Journal and co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, Searls ruminates on an unpredictable array of tech topics, along with many topics beyond tech. His posts are full-length articles, like this piece about the value of Twitter and the history of the Web.

202) Slashdot
Okay, Slashdot isn’t exactly a blog – well, it kind of is. The constantly fresh postings come from its legion of deeply opinionated techies and are moderated by its small team of veteran editors (with help from users). Call it a shotgun wedding between a blog and a social networking site. At any rate, Slashdot is an essential, irreverent gathering spot for the geek-tech universe.

203) Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik
The Web Analytics Evangelist for Google and an ultimate SEO expert, Kaushik recently released his second book, Web Analytics 2.0. It’s the follow-up to the popular Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, Kaushik not only knows his stuff, he puts out with charm and generosity.

James Maguire is the managing editor of Datamation.

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