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Posted November 5, 2008

Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle

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One of the other impediments was the inherent desire to have the hardware on premise and the related applications under tight control. But financial capital will continue to be very hard to come by, making the ability to deploy new solutions that are critical to the business ever more difficult to do – but with no reduction in the requirement that IT does it. In the end this all points the way forward and it will be interesting to see which vendors flourish and which ones languish as a result.


RSA is likely to have a really good year as economic downturns of this scale are virtually certain to increase both electronic and physical exposures. We are already seeing a large increase in laptop thefts and home invasion robberies, and even carjacking appears to be on the rise. It will undoubtedly get much worse before it gets better because the major layoffs have not yet hit.

If you have laptops with TPMs they should be on and the data encrypted and if you don't have products like Computrace or Phoenix Technologies Failsafe you should consider making one a part of future bid requirements to protect notebooks.

One of the trends I expect is that insurance services will probably start providing discounts for theft insurance if these protections are in place. And I'm sure premiums will go up if your theft rates increase, as they are likely to, regardless.

But it would be wise to make sure there are processes in place to handle violent crime and that employees are briefed on what to do in case of a disaster and to listen to the news so they don't walk into a known problem in progress. In addition, when traveling, knowing where to drive and making sure they don't fall for the common carjacking tricks (like being bumped from the back to get you out of your car).

Much of the problem can be avoided by not making your home or car a target and by being aware of your surroundings at all times. Let's say the practice of driving or walking while grooving on your iPod or otherwise not being attentive is going to be increasingly unwise, not that it isn't unwise now. While I'm not expecting it to get as bad as some parts of Eastern Europe where, if you don't pay attention, you'll wake up in an ice bath (if you wake up) missing a couple of critical parts like kidneys, it still makes sense to be alert.

It might also be wise to have that talk with your kids about what to do if they are robbed or carjacked. Kids will often fight over possessions, not realizing that the item is replaceable they are not.

Wrapping Up

Economic crisis brings change, and we will be seeing a lot of it over the next few years as a result. Change brings with it opportunity and risk. The risk often is greatest when folks don't think about and anticipate the changes that are coming and so make decisions tactically that should be strategic.

There are a lot of choices out there that could likely cut your costs sharply that weren't considered because they were so different. Well, if you don't cut costs one way, senior management will find creative ways to cut it in another and you don't want to be on the wrong side of a salary reduction effort.

Most important though, keep your wits about you and your attention on both the trends and your surroundings. What you don't know will hurt you and your company in during these times and staying engaged and alert can significantly mitigate your risk.

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