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Of course, as we said the last time we reviewed a mobile mouse, it's rarely all that challenging to find a couple of extra inches of luggage space. So to some extent you might see the Nano's clever parking place as just a gimmick, especially considering its not inconsiderable price.

Fortunately, the V550 is an easy mouse to admire otherwise. Its symmetrical 2.3 by 3.5-inch body feels comfortable even in large hands, while its laser optical technology gives precise control even at screen-sweeping speeds.

We found its two main buttons to be solidly responsive, with one intriguing extra: Several times, we noticed that our test unit's right button felt a fraction easier to press, responding to a slightly lighter finger flex instead of actual tap, than the left. Could it be compensation for most folks' middle fingers being slightly weaker than their index fingers? Could our V550 be an oddball from the assembly line? Could we be imagining things? Whatever it was, we kind of liked it.

The V550 is a relatively simple rodent, with no side-mounted buttons for forward and back navigation or other functions, but does have one extra button on top, south of the scroll wheel. By default, this summons what Logitech calls Document Flip, a pop-up menu for switching among active applications. Interestingly, the top-button option we've seen in some other Logitech mice -- performing an instant Web search for a highlighted word or phrase in a browser window -- is not available.

Supersonic Scrolling

The scroll wheel is the mouse's fanciest feature. As with most medium- to high-end mice, it offers four-way movement, with a left or right tilt for horizontal scrolling as well as vertical scrolling via wheel rolling.

Pressing downward to click the wheel toggles between conventional up and down movement with clicks or detents and a free-spinning flywheel mode that lets you traverse vast vertical distances with a flick of the finger. Test-driving an Excel spreadsheet, we were able to scroll 5,200 rows down or a spectacular 22,000 rows up with a full-strength flick. Tapping the wheel hits the brakes and stops the blur.

Logitech's SetPoint driver software -- a 54MB download, since there's no CD in the package -- lets you reassign the buttons and left and right tilt to functions such as forward/back, play/pause, mute, minimize, maximize, cut, copy, and paste. A button can perform different operations in different applications.

All in all, we give the V550 a thumbs-up for its simple, effective design and nifty nano-receiver. By contrast, its ability to cling to your notebook strikes us as no big deal, although we did catch ourselves humming the cartoon theme song "Spider-Mouse, Spider-Mouse" once or twice.

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Logitech V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks
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