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Imagine my surprise when reports of Leopard install problems started hitting the Web shortly after its release. Users were complaining of lockup and even blue screens of death on upgrading to Leopard. Some users were so plagued by problems that they took the same action as disgruntled Vista users – downgrading to the previous version. I have personally spoken to dozens of Leopard users who were shocked by the fact that an OS upgrade (a Mac OS upgrade at that!) could render their system unusable.

OK, complaining about an issue that renders your system unusable is valid, but Vistaitis goes further than that. Vistaitis also covers complaining (whining if you want) about every little thing that that is just not perfect. This is why the complaining hasn’t stopped even though Apple has fixed most of the serious problems and even gone as far as to tweak the interface.

Once people begin to complain, they don’t stop. Over the past week alone I’ve read countless blog posts, Web pages and forum posts complaining about one aspect or feature or issue relating to Leopard.

What’s behind the massive increase in Vistaitis among Mac users? I’m going to hazard a guess that this might have more than a little to do with the huge increase in the Mac user base, many of these people moving from Windows to Mac in the hope of having their problems solved for them.

There’s nothing like having over-the-top expectations to heighten disappointment. Sure, the Mac OS is nice, but it’s not perfect. And guess what, no OS will ever be perfect.

If complaining about operating systems is set to be the norm, then both Microsoft and Apple are going to have to get used to the idea of people wanting the OS to be the way they want it, and not how the developers think it should be.

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