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Mac bugs are there, waiting for hackers. Projects such as the Month of Apple Bugs clearly demonstrated the sheer number of bugs and ease with which they could be exploited. So far Mac has had an easy run, but more users are flock to the platform. Especially those looking for an escape from constant OS updates and having to worry about keeping antivirus and antimalware applications up-to-date. (I’m guessing that some of these new users will have thrown away their last PC because it ‘crashed’ and they didn’t have the know-how to fix it). It’s inevitable that hackers are going to be paying closer attention to the code that Apple releases.

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Keeping any system (and the associated ecosystem it connects to) safe means practicing common sense when behind the keyboard. The Windows ecosystem has been let down for too long by people far too willing to click on anything and agree to everything they see on the screen. They’ve come to the mistaken conclusion that it’s not them that’s at fault but Windows, and switching OS is the obvious answer. But it isn’t. All that these people are going to do is make the Mac ecosystem just as bad as the Windows one (although, if enough migrate over to Mac OS X, maybe Windows as a whole will become just a little safer).

But, if fortress Mac does crumble, who will Mac users turn to for protection? Will Mac users rely on Apple for patches and updates to fix vulnerabilities as they are discovered? Or will they have to turn to third-party companies and clutter up the Mac OS with security suites and spyware scanners? My guess is that many Mac users will eventually have to give in and subscribe to a third-party security solution because there are some threats that an OS just can’t protect the user from.

The biggest threat to Mac security is user stupidity, and not even Apple can do much about that.

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