What's Next For TomorrowNow?

Now that SAP appears to be washing its hands of the third-party service and support subsidiary, could the company be destined for a reunion in Sin City?


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Posted November 27, 2007

Larry Barrett

It appears it's now just a matter of time before TomorrowNow, the third-party software service and support firm at the center of so much controversy between software giants SAP and Oracle is sold to another third-party support provider.

Last week, SAP announced that TomorrowNow CEO Andrew Nelson and a handful of senior executives at the firm had resigned and that the company was considering a number of strategic options, including the possible sale of the subsidiary it acquired in 2005.

Originally intended to undercut Oracle's stranglehold on lucrative service and maintenance contracts following its hostile takeover of PeopleSoft in 2005, the TomorrowNow acquisition has turned into something of an embarrassment for SAP.

In March, Oracle filed a lawsuit accusing its archrival of what amounts to industrial espionage. SAP CEO Henning Kagermann