Top 100 Tech Blogs: the Datamation List

Tech blogs that are worth your time, chosen from across the full spectrum of tech coverage.


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UPDATE: Top 200 Tech Blogs: The Datamation 2009 List

And: 2008: Top 200 Tech Blogs: the Datamation List

Yes, I know, selecting the Top 100 Tech blogs is like choosing the Top 100 Grains of Sand on a Beach. There are so many zillions of tech-related blogs, and they evolve and change direction so quickly – in truth, it’s an impossible task.

Still, some tech blogs have truly distinguished themselves, even in an incredibly crowded field. They’re full of in-your-face opinion, but that opinion (on most days, at least) is backed up by deep expertise. They’re well written and regularly updated, usually penned by major industry players and seasoned observers. They’re recognized as thought leaders on their subject.

So, caveats aside, here are Datamation’s 100 Top Tech Blogs, by category:

Consumer Tech

Smart Dudes and Dudettes

Tech Insiders, and others with their “finger on the pulse”


Blogs sponsored by major publications/organizations

Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Operating Systems: Linux-Open Source / Windows / Mac

Highly Recommended


Gadgets and shiny toys used by a mass audience.

Cool Tools
Not just another gadget blog, this posting of interesting tech stuff – software, videos, maps, Web sites, etc. – is hosted by Kevin Kelly, who helped launch Wired magazine in 1993. He accepts submissions from readers and posts the best of them.

Gee whiz! A DVD laser retrofitted into Mini Mag flashlight! And tons of other strange and unique tech toys, plus scads and scads of miscellaneous online novelties.

Gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets. Looking for a self-cooling seat cushion, or a juicer that hugs your countertop? How about a personal cellphone signal blocker?

Better living through technology, including plenty of pragmatic tips on using major software programs. Also offers personal advice (“Survive – and Thrive – Your Freshman Year”) and time management techniques.

A diverse compendium of consumer tech factoids: Skype on the iPhone, saving data on a PC, and caffeine level calculators. (Caffeine level calculators? Have we really sunk to that level?)

Boing Boing
In truth, “consumer tech” is only part of what the wildly wide-ranging Boing Boing offers – the self-described "Dictionary of Wonderful Things" has few limits. Panoramic cameras, five-foot animated Frankenstein monster, riffs on DRM, graphic novels...you just have to see it to understand it. While you’re at it, take a look at co-editor Corey Doctorow’s personal blog, Craphound.

The Raw Feed
Tech pundit Mike Elgan monitors the strange and wonderful world of gizmos, gadgets, and happenings. Did you know there’s a site where a sexy woman moans your IP address? You’d never miss such developments if you were a Raw Feed reader.

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