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Posted September 8, 2008

James Maguire

James Maguire

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Blogs about the software development process, in many cases written by top programmers. (And if you’re looking for news, trends or tutorials, check out Developer.com.)

147) Joel on Software
Probably the leading programming blog in the entire Web universe. Joel Spolsky is a New York-based software developer who covers not only software but larger issues in technology. Volunteers translate his posts into dozens of languages for his international audience.

148) Channel 9
Hosted by Microsoft, this is Redmond’s gathering spot for the vast network of Microsoft developers. A very busy place, with constant trading of ideas and techniques.

149) Coding Horror
Jeff Atwood has been a programmer for years and years; this experience plus his awareness of the human side of technology makes his blog a top destination.

150) DZone
Using a blog-style platform, with posts and comments from the full development community. A lively, always-fresh collective conversation.

151) Vacuous Virtuoso
Javascript, Mac issues, Web design, raps about the iPhone SDK: author Ankur Kothari can claim uber-geek status.

152) John Lam on Software
Lam is a Microsoftie whose many posts covers Ruby, Dynamic Language Runtime, Silverlight and, of course, Windows-based development.

153) Jeremy Zawodny
Zawodny, once Yahoo’s MySQL guru and now a staffer at Craigslist, blogs about development, Perl, his pancake maker, his various trips, and assorted other tech topics. Smart stuff.

154) GirlDeveloper
The irrepressible Sara Chipps is an ASP/NET/C#/SQL developer who holds forth on life in the trenches with a distinctly feminine bent. As she explains: “All marriage proposals must be accompanied by previous year’s W2.”

155) Jeremy D. Miller – The Shade Tree Developer
A .NET developer and software architect, Miller writes about life as a programmer and the development process. Part of the popular Codebetter blog portal.

156) Scott Hanselman’s ComputerZen.com
His tool list is considered a great resource, and his postings are read by some 20k + subscribers.

157) Phil Haack: You’ve Been Hacked
Consider his career a sign of the times: by day, he’s a senior project manager at Microsoft, and by night he leads the Subtext Project, an open source blog engine. His posts go deep into the minutiae of coding.

158) Jon Udell: Strategies for Internet Citizens
A developer and IT architect, Udell was instrumental in laying the groundwork for today’s social software. He talks with a lot of interesting people and does a lot of in-depth analysis.

159) The Database Programmer
Kenneth Downs has been programming databases since the early ‘90s, which is reflected in his incredibly detailed blog posts on the topic.

160) The Social Programmer
Some complex geek coding stuff mixed in with thoughtful observations about life as a developer.

161) James Gosling
A bigwig at Sun Microsystems and a well-respected figure in the tech community, Gosling writes about Java and the software business, with some interesting philosophizing along the way.

162) Dave Thomas – Pragmatic Programmer
Thomas has authored books on programming (“Programming Ruby,” “Agile Web Development with Rails”) and blogs as an expert coder.

163) Software by Rob
Rob Walling is both a .NET developer and an entrepreneur whose posts range far and wide about development and the software industry. His popular posts include Self-Marketing for Software Devleopers and Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money.

164) Dirk Riehle: Software Research and the Industry
Riehle is leader of the open source research group at SAP Labs in Palo Alto. He covers the intersection of open source development and the enterprise, among other topics.

165) Kevin Pang – ASP.NET, ALT.NET
With posts like Metrosexual Developers and Top 10 Things that Annoy Programmers, Kevin Pang knows how to have a good time.

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