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Posted September 8, 2008

James Maguire

James Maguire

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Enterprise Tech

The sophisticated IT tools and strategies that companies use to gain competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

93) Enterprise Irregulars
A mixed group of industry pros blogs about all sectors of enterprise tech: CRM, on-demand, Vista, big vendors, and more.

94) IT Toolbox
An online community of IT professionals, launched in 1998, blogging about the full range of enterprise tech issues.

95) Phil Wainewright: Software as Services
Few pundits capture the rapidly evolving world of SaaS like Phil Wainewright.

96) SaaS blog
Sinclair Schuller is CEO of Apprenda, a SaaS vendor, but his blog goes far beyond mere self-promotion.

97) Service Architecture – SOA
Although Steve Jones is a SOA professional, he blogs based on his personal insight rather than a vendor’s agenda.

98) Wall Street Journal: Business Technology
Ben Worthen and several other writers turn the intersection of business and technology into an entertaining topic.

99) Simon Phipp's "WebMink in the Sun"
Sun Microsystem’s chief open source officer is an interesting fellow. UK-based and highly literate, he’s aware of the politics as well as the technology of software. Also take a look at the blog of Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO. He writes long, in-depth posts about the tech business, focusing (of course) on Sun’s business. Mixed in with the self-promotion are some interesting observations about today’s IT landscape.

100) FASTForward
Takes a look at where enterprise technology is headed, written by a hefty staff of industry experts. Sponsored by Microsoft.

101) Business of Software
Perspectives on the commercial and technical aspects of software by Neil Davidson, the joint CEO of Red Gate Software and organizer of the Business of Software conference.

102) HP Community Blogs
All manner of enterprise tech issues, from Unix to blade servers to office printing – and much of it is not just a commercial for Hewlett-Packard.

103) Enterprise Web 2.0
The big tech trends among big companies, with an emphasis on the Web’s role in corporate tech.

104) Intelligent Enterprise
Informed commentary on business intelligence issues, data warehousing, big vendors like SAP and Oracle, and other essential topics for IT managers.

105) SeekingAlpha: Sectors
Scroll down this page to see blog portals dedicated to the financial outlook of various tech sectors, including software, semis, hardware, gadgets, and telecom.

106) Chief Architect
In-depth thoughts on the complex business of enterprise architecture and IT management.

107) EMC: Chuck’s Blog
EMC VP Chuck Hollis is a smart fellow who knows how to write conversationally. He covers topics like green IT, datacenter strategy, and, of course, storage.

108) Simon Crosby: The Citrix Blog
The ultimate partisan for the Xen virtualization software, Crosby blogs about exactly one topic: Xen, its competitors, and its place in the market. Read him along with his chief competitor, VMware (see below), and you’ll have a sense of the current fisticuffs in the emerging virtualization market.

109) VMware Executive Blog
The folks at virtualization market leader VMware are just as single-minded as Crosby is – this blog celebrates the greatness of VMware just Crosby’s details the advantages of Xen. Read it along with Crosby’s and take both sides with a grain of salt.

110) IDC Exchange
Frank Gens, a senior VP with research firm IDC, has a keen understanding of a remarkable array of enterprise topics, backed up by IDC’s formidable research.

111) Forrester Blogs
A full portal of enterprise blogs from research firm Forrester: sourcing, vendors, applications, security, infrastructure – if it relates to the enterprise, Forrester covers it.

112) Gartner Blogs
Like the other top research firms, Gartner covers the full compendium of enterprise topics. Particularly noteworthy is its Communications Innovations blog covering networking/telecommunications.

113) Yankee Group Blogs
The prestigious research firm blogs about the enterprise and also focuses on consumer tech.

114) Abbie Lundberg
The editor of CIO.com holds forth about trends in enterprise management, often covering the role of social media. While you’re at it, peruse the other CIO blogs.

115) The Official Google Blog
This enterprise blog is largely a sales tool for Google products yet also links to the approximately 1.5 million other official Google company blogs, including ones dedicated to security, APIs, and AdSense keywords.

116) Center for Democracy and Technology
The CDT folks have real expertise in the strange intersection of law, technology, and policy. A good way to stay current with legislation regarding technology.

117) CenterNetworks
Focused on helping industry professionals stay current with emerging Internet trends, like Web. 2.0 and social networking.

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