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Posted September 8, 2008

James Maguire

James Maguire

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Operating Systems: Windows–Mac–Linux

Three different operating systems, with three very different worldviews about software and the PC.

Microsoft Windows

49) Windows Vista Team Blog
Redmond’s outlet for news and development about the Vista OS, written for a tech-savvy audience. On the same site is the Windows Experience Blog, which covers virtually every aspect of the popular platform’s use. And here’s an extensive list of Microsoft employee blogs, including blog portals dedicated to Windows Server, mobile, gaming, Office, security, and more.

50) Ed Bott’s Windows Expertise
Ed Bott is inarguably one of the experts when it comes to Windows. His long, knowledgeable posts have earned him a huge following.

51) Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo
A longtime leader and thought shaper in the Windows community. Like Bott, he has a big readership.

52) Ron Barrett’s A Better Windows World
An experienced IT professional, Barrett knows the Windows OS inside out.

53) Long Zheng’s I Started Something
He’s only 20 years old, but he’s a remarkably smart (and sometimes funny) blogger about Windows software; particularly interesting is his collection of interviews with Microsoft industry figures.

Apple Macintosh

54) Mac Rumors
Arnold Kim is a physician, but made so much money from his enormously popular Mac blog that he quit medicine. Updated with incessant frequency. Here’s an interesting article about Kim and his life as a Mac blogger.

55) Daring Fireball
Clearly, John Gruber knows a whole lot about the Macintosh. And you have to be deep into Apple to grok him. For instance, how about posts on “iPhone sandboxing” and the inner workings of OpenClip? Some very inside stuff.

56) Macworld Weblogs
An all-inclusive portal of blogs covering every conceivable Mac topic.

57) AppleInsider
Apple fan boys gone wild: Hurray for the Mac!

58) Cult of Mac
All the Mac news, plus a sprinkling of Apple trivia and rumor that’s as arcane as any on the Web. How many other blogs would post photos of Steve Jobs’s car (supposedly) parked in handicapped parking spaces?

GNU/Linux / Free and Open Source

59) Groklaw
Helmed by Pamela Jones, Groklaw is an exhaustive and constantly updated source of analysis about business news and litigation concerning open source.

60) Bruce Byfield’s Off the Wall
One of the Web’s preeminent GNU/Linux journalists blogs about free and open source software, as well as life in general.

61) Linux.com
A central gathering place for the passionate debate inspired by Linux and open source, with freewheeling comments galore and opinions flying every which way. Warning: Windows users might get their feelings hurt.

62) Miquel de Icaza’s Web Log
The founder of the GNOME project talks about coding and his current projects, particularly Mono.

63) The Linux Blog
Clearly on the geekier side, the Linux Blog’s posts cover technical topics like Linux scripting tips and read times on your hard disk.

64) Linux Today Blog
Explores the latest news and controversy that has Linux advocates talking.

65) Mark Shuttleworth’s Blog
The man behind Ubuntu writes about Free Software, the components of the software stack and, of course, the world’s most popular Linux distro.

66) Ken Hess’s Linux Blog
Ken Hess is into it: from the Microsoft–Novell deal to the Linus Torvalds’ security smackdown, this Linux partisan comments on it all.

67) SourceForge Community Blog
News and commentary about open source in general and the zillions of projects hosted at SourceForge, written by Ross Turk and Lisa Hoover.

68) Matt Asay: The Open Road
Yes, he’s partisan, but he’s also balanced and well informed. Plus he stays in touch with a lot of people in the business world, which adds context to his analysis.

69) Jim Zemlin
Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, blogs from the front lines of the open source movement. But he’s willing to publicly admit he went out and bought the (very closed source) iPhone – and uses it constantly. How’s that for ideological flexibility?

70) Free Software Foundation
Partisan commentary about Free software from one of the true centers of the Free software movement. Occasionally you might even see a post from founder Richard Stallman.

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