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Posted September 8, 2008

James Maguire

James Maguire

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Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

Some of the most well-written and thought provoking technology blogs.

189) Nicholas Carr
A serious smart guy/deep thinker and tremendous writer who riled tech vendors with his “Does IT Matter?” thesis. More recently he’s the author of “The Big Switch,” suggesting that all computing will be done over the cloud. His Atlantic magazine piece Is Google Making Us Stupid? (the answer: yes) prompted copious blogging among the chattering classes.

190) Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail
The Wired editor, whose theory of the Long Tail proved so influential about how we see the Internet, writes with great insight into the influence of technology on culture.

191) Chris Pirillo
Not only a blog, but a full portal of blog posts – all penned by Prillo. Host of the uber-geek conference Gnomedex, and the founder of the tech portal Lockergnome, the peripatetic Pirillo blogs about everything tech-related: the LEGO spacecraft he just built; his GPS gear; your mobile phone’s battery; the addictive quality of bubble wrap. Trippy, but interesting.

192) Paid Content
Rafat Ali and his crew are very on top of the business of digital content. As the Internet shapes every form of media – TV, the news, advertising – Paid Content blogs about it incessantly in real time.

193) Beyond VC
A venture capitalist who chronicles venture funding, Ed Sims is the managing director of Dawntreader Ventures, which invests in an extensive portfolio of emerging tech firms. Reading his posts is like being a fly on the wall as key funding decisions are brokered.

194) John Battelle’s Searchblog
Ultimate insider John Battelle comments – constantly – on the intersection of search, media and technology. He’s the author of the noted book The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture.

195) Doc Searls Weblog
Senior editor of Linux Journal, head of ProjectVRM (vendor relationship management) at Harvard, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifestro, and all around major voice in the tech world, Searls ruminates on an unpredictable array of tech topics, as well as many topics from beyond tech.

196) Shtetl-Optimized: The Blog of Scottt Aaronson
An Einsteinian quirky-brilliant genius, and an assistant professor at MIT, Aaronson is known for his Complexity Zoo (simply groking the Zoo concept requires upper-level smartness). His conversational blog ranges from posts like Nerdify the World, and Women will Follow to Scott A., disbeliever in Darwinism. Highly entertaining.

197) Real Dan Lyons Web Site Blog
A technology columnist for Newsweek, Lyons penned the satire blog The Secret Life of Steve Jobs. While the Jobs parody is now retired, Lyons’s current blog (which still sometimes skewers Jobs) is bright and funny.

198) Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion
A card-carrying member of the public relations cognoscenti, (he’s a senior VP at Edelman Digital) Rubel analyzes the intersection of technology and media with great awareness and a readable tone. I saw him speak at Mediabistro Circus and he has a knack for making complex ideas clear.

199) Slashdot
Is Slashdot a blog? Well, kind of. Given that submissions come from thousands of users and are moderated by a small team of editors, it’s more like a marriage between a blog and a social networking site. That issue aside, this geekier-than-thou, constantly churning meta-blog is an irreverent center of the online tech world.

200) SearchEngineLand
Two words: Danny Sullivan. The Maestro of Search is the editor-in-chief of this massively trafficked blog about all things search, from SEO to search engine marketing. And if you’re researching SEO, here’s a list of the Top 20 SEO blogs.

201) Pogue's Posts
The entire personal technology industry looks here for guidance about the iPhone, email, camcorders and much more. There are very few tech pundits who are as brilliant yet plain-spoken as David Pogue, the New York Times gadget guy.

202) Google Blogoscoped
Everything you’d want to know about the search giant that rules the world (or at least everything that’s publicly knowable). Author Philipp Lenssen scored major points by breaking the news about the release of Google Chrome.

James Maguire is the managing editor of Datamation.

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