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UPDATE: 2008: Top 200 Tech Blogs: the Datamation List

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Individuals who have a deep connection to the tech subjects they blog about.

Chris Pirillo
The host of the uber-geek conference Gnomedex, and the founder of the tech portal Lockergnome, the peripatetic Pirillo blogs about everything from DRM to how to dispose of old electronics. Scattered, but kind of interesting.

Beyond VC
An actual venture capitalist who writes about venture capital. Ed Sims is the managing director of Dawntreader Ventures, which has about 18 gazillion dollars under management. He mentions figures like $35 million dollars the way most of us mention $20 bucks.

Doc Searls Weblog
Senior editor for Linux Journal, and a major dude in the IT world besides, Searls ruminates on any number of tech topics, as well as many topics from beyond tech.

Paid Content
Rafat Ali and his crew are very on top of it when it comes to the business of digital content. Particularly in terms of who’s getting funded by whom, and for how much.

Alan Meckler's Internet Media Commentary
Meckler, the CEO of Jupitermedia (the company that publishes this site) has done about as many Internet deals as anyone. So in addition to being one of the few CEOs who blog meaningfully and regularly, his posts offer pithy behind-the-scenes insight into the Net business.

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO
You better believe that legions of SEO experts keep a constant eye on this blog: Matt Cutts is a software engineer for Google, so despite his disclaimer (“This is my personal blog”) there seems to be clues about the search giant’s mysterious algorithm in his posts. (“Let’s dissect the parts of a URL (uniform resource locator. I’ll tell you how we typically refer to different parts of a URL at Google…”)

Mark Cuban Blog Maverick
Cuban scored a mountain of cash in the dotcom days, and is now an unabashedly opinionated commentator. He’s all over the place topic-wise, and often interesting. For example, he recently declared that the Internet is ”dead and boring.”

Burnham’s Beat
Not updated constantly, but when venture capitalist Bill Burnham posts, it tends to be worthwhile. Here’s what you really want to know: 10 Pragmatic Steps To Raising Venture Capital

John Battelle’s Searchblog
Ultimate insider dude John Battelle was a Wired magazine co-founder, and now comments – constantly – on the intersection of search, media and tech.

Good Morning Silicon Valley
GMSV keeps things lively: in addition to the usual stuff about Google and Apple, et al., writers John Murrell and Chris Myers include offbeat quotes, like a child's response to "One Laptop Per Child," and a report about nonconformists and social networking sites. (“Nonconformists are significantly heavier users of social networking sites than other students...)

Two words: Danny Sullivan. The Maestro of Search is the editor-in-chief of this massively-trafficked blog about all things search, from SEO to search engine marketing. You might also take a gander at Sullivan's personal blog, Daggle which covers life as an expat in Britain, with some tech musings thrown in.

Jason Calcanis
There’s kind of a rule that, whenever you’re making a list of hot things on the Internet, you have to include Jason Calcanis. One of the original and ultimate Net entrepreneurs, even after making a mountain of money he still updates his blog constantly. (Although he uses a lot of pixels promoting his new search engine Mahalo, which gets tiresome.)

Reporting and analysing every little flutter in their corner of the tech world, Om Malik and his staff focus on broadband, telecommunications and gaming.

Rahul Sood
The founder of VooDooPC (now part of HP) offers an insider's glimpse into Big Tech. He's got photos of him with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to prove he's a major dude.

Helmed by lawyer/smart guy/tech entrepreneur Michael Arrington, TechCrunch dishes the behind-the-scenes scoop on established and emerging Web businesses.

One-time Microsoft blogger Robert Scobleizer calls it as he sees it, from IBM to Google to Facebook to Apple, with a dose of philosophical meanderings.

Gossipy, uncensored stuff – both business and personal – about the tech world, focusing on Silicon Valley but also traveling far afield. Special bonus: It's actually well written, unlike the great mass of semi-literate blogs.

Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog
Schwartz, the CEO of Sun Microsystems, writes long, in-depth posts about the tech business, focusing on Sun’s business. Mixed in with the self-promotion are some interesting observations. Among the more noteworthy posts is this open letter to Linus Torvalds about the OpenSolaris/Linux mashup.

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