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UPDATE: 2008: Top 200 Tech Blogs: the Datamation List

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Blogs churned out by major publications tend to have greater reporting resources.

The Guardian’s Tech Blog
Tech commentary with an English accent. Smart, interesting, well-written.

Ars Journal
Tech toys, industry news, and personal opinion. Updated Relentlessly.

Financial Times’ Tech Blog
Top journalists analyze who’s making money in the tech business, with posts backed up by the hefty journalistic resources of the Financial Times.

The online tech pub’s blogroll focuses on enterprise IT: storage, databases, security, job headhunting. Plenty of good stuff.

Computerworld: Opinion/Blogs
Benefiting from the considerable journalistic savvy of the Computerworld staff, these blogs focus mostly on corporate tech.

RedHerring Blogs
Plenty of attitude is mixed in with these posts, which cover both personal and enterprise tech. Hosted by RedHerring online.

Internet.com Blogs
The constantly updated output of a legion of top writers and reporters, covering every aspect of tech, from the enterprise to wireless to software and hardware. (Published by Jupitermedia, which publishes the site you’re reading.) While you’re at it, take a look at the Datamation Blog – yup, that’s the relevant and timely tech blog of this very site. (What, you didn't think we were gonna blow our own horn?)

The Utility Belt: Tech News and Analysis
Wide-ranging, newsy chronicles of the intersection of technology and business by the staff at Business 2.0.

TechRepublic Blogs
Clearly on the geeky side – like tips on how to perform date/time arithmetic with Java – TechRepublic’s offering is for the real tech pro.

ZDNet Blogs
Updated to reflect every fresh tidbit of tech news, the ZDNet blog page is easily one of the best collections of tech analysts on the Web, including the inestimable Mary Jo Foley, David Berlind, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, George Ou, Josh Greenbaum, and many more.

Wired's Epicenter
With the tech reporting resources of Wired News, you know this blog is going to be a "must read" for the technoscenti. Capable of wonderful irreverence, like this post, Live From Gnomedex, Guy Kawasaki's Golden Shower.

The Official Google Blog
Okay, some pretty dry stuff (“we are excited to start innovating in this area for our advertising customers and for our users…” ), but since this is the official blog of the company headed toward complete world domination, it’s not to be missed.

Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog
Hosted by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, this is a good source of Microsoft tidbits you won’t read elsewhere.

eWeek Blogs
If it has to do with technology – from jobs to security to platforms – there’s commentary about it at the eWeek blogs.

CNET Blogs
A veritable horde of knowledgeable geeks hold forth on everything from SEO to SOA to DRM, as well as some subjects that don't have three-letter acronyms. Fueled by the news gathering resources of the great CNET. Particularly noteworthy is the tech-politics blog of Declan McCullagh.

Brian Krebs’s Security Fix
Backed by the reporting chops of the Washington Post, Security Fix is a deep and widely inclusive resource. Very well done.

BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting
Heather Green and Stephen Baker do a good job of covering the healthy heartbeat of the technology-media scene. For example, Baker’s comparison of Google’s Blogsearch with Technorati’s search (Google’s won handily) was spot-on.

Technology Review’s Blogs
Pretty erudite, but that’s no surprise given that it’s published by the august MIT. Plenty of science mixed in with the tech.

Macworld Weblogs
Meaty, well-written, link-filled posts about the Apple-centric universe. Keep an eye out for the writings of Jason Snell and Rob Griffiths.

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