Unified Office Releases Total Connect Now 3.0 Cloud Service


Unified Office announced the availability of its Total Connect Now (TCN) 3.0 Hybrid Private Cloud service architecture, based on the company's adaptive Highest Quality Routing (HQR) software.

Unified Office is a provider of software-defined-networking-based, hybrid private-cloud managed services and a virtual office services developer.

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The company, which sells its services through a network of channel partners and markets to small and midsize businesses (SMBs), also announced the roll out of its new HTML5-based WebRTC applications.

Unified Office integrates and simplifies an array of communications technologies, creating a virtual office service that enables customers to communicate from anywhere on the devices of their choice.

TCN 3.0 with HQR adapts and ensures that the highest quality path is always selected for end-to-end communications.

Testing from the University of New Hampshire's Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL), which included various failover scenarios of the Unified Office fault tolerant HQR architecture while running under load, verified that current calls continued while new calls were placed on the highest quality path available at the time they were made, increasing overall availability and quality of experience.

"The secret to making the Internet reliable for Unified Communications is not just the reliability of the products used but how you implement the service end-to-end, beginning at the customer premise," Tom Phelan, chief technology officer and vice president of technology at United Office, said in a statement. "The Internet was initially commercialized for email, Web and other non real-time services. As real-time communications such as voice have migrated to the Internet, many have struggled to make it a highly reliable and dependable service end-to-end."

Additional features of the TCN 3.0 service architecture include cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery "shadowing" of customer-premise (primary) servers, which lets users communicate through a primary and shadow server.

Also included are flexible broadband multiservice integration options, including fixed and mobile service gateways (Cable, 4G/LTE) integration for optimal on-premise business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as HTML5-based and WebRTC communications applications such as Web-based receptionist consoles.

The service is available immediately to all Total Connect Now users as part of their enhanced virtual office service.

Unified Office takes full responsibility for an organization’s Total Connect Now business communications services, with proactive monitoring and backup around the clock to help ensure a worry-free experience.

"Everybody knows that real-time services like voice and video that traverse the Internet have not lived up to expectations in terms of quality of experience," Ray Pasquale, CEO and founder of Unified Office, said in a statement. "We are pleased that the UNH-IOL has validated the performance of our TCN 3.0 service architecture and measured its ability to consistently deliver communications services to our customers with higher quality and increased reliability. With TCN 3.0, customers can make use of their broadband networks for real-time communications without worrying about frequent service quality and availability issues."