eNovance Aims to Solve OpenStack Cloud Business Use-Cases[VIDEO]

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French vendor eNovance is one of the top ten contributors to the OpenStack cloud platform and was recently acquired by Red Hat in a deal valued at $95 million.

Unlike Red Hat's OpenStack Platform, which is an OpenStack distribution, eNovance focused on cloud services and does not build its own unique OpenStack distribution. In a video interview, Raphael Ferreira, co-founder of eNovance, explains his company's strategy and identifies the key challenges.

"In 2012, we shifted the strategy to be a cloud-builder for customers and not to compete with them and build our own cloud project," Ferreira said.

Carl Perry, cloud architect at eNovance, explained that they take code from the upstream OpenStack project. That code is put it into a continuous integration pipeline and then packaged and delivered to customers.

As an organization, eNovance is a core contributor to every core OpenStack project and was the creator of the Ceilometer metering effort that debuted in Havana release.

Among the challenges that Ferreira has faced with eNovance has been one of definitions. He noted that there can be confusion about the difference between what the cloud is and typical server virtualization infrastructure from VMware.

"We focus not on infrastructure but on business use-cases," Ferreira said. "At eNovance we believe that infrastructure is just a tool to do something."

Watch the full video with eNovance below:

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