IT Salary Tracker: Desktop Support Pros (Windows)

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Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker
Desktop Support Pros (Windows): average salary by state

Source: dice.com

This installation of the weekly salary tracker shows typical rates and salaries for desktop support specialists with Microsoft Windows experience.

According to the Dice.com Rate and Salary Survey, the average annual wage for desktop support specialists is $45,000 per year, and the average contract rate is $30 per hour. Salaries in New Jersey were the highest nationwide, at $52,000 per year. The highest contract rates were found in California, at $33 per hour.

New Jersey, New York, and California held the top three wage slots in each category for desktop support jobs. Texas also came in higher on the pay scale than we are used to seeing. In the Lone Star state, these workers pull down $45,000 per year in the salary category, or $24 per hour in contract wages. It ain't Java pay, but it ain't bad.

This wage information is based on 1,048 completed surveys filled out by professionals with an average of four to five years' experience. Results are based on averages or totals from the following information at dice.com: job titles, job skills, and locations. Benefits are not included in compensation listings.

Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker
Desktop Support Pros (Windows): average contract rate by state

Source: dice.com

Highest salary by city (average): New Jersey, $52,000 yearly salary

Highest hourly contract rate by city (average): California, $33 per hour

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