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Sam sat back on his stool and said, “Now listen as I pick your argument to pieces.”

“It has been proven time and again that company executives don’t bat an eyelash when it comes to cutting staff to boost profits. Do you think they care about losing -- what did you call it?”

“Institutional knowledge,” I responded, resting my chin on my hand, feeling exasperation building.

“Yeah, they figure that knowledge is captured in some manual and it isn’t their problem. It’s the poor developers that are left holding the bag trying to handle all the extra work, until they can convince management to bring in – wait for it – a contractor. Instead, if management is really smart, they would be more proactive and build an ongoing application development and support strategy using contractors.”

“Yeah but…,” I started, but he gave me the zip-it sign.

“Let me finish please. If management builds a network of contractors, who are the best in the business, you bring on these true professionals who have one purpose – to get the job done. They will do it well because they want more work and a good reference.

“They don’t care about company politics and don’t have to waste time attending rah-rah employee morale boosting meetings. And as a contractor, I don’t get shafted as an exempt employee because you know that means exempt from overtime. Yep, you work 60 hour weeks and get paid for 40. Not me. I get paid for the work I do.“

Sam paused, as if for effect, and then finished his argument. “To top it off, you and I have the same development skills -- and yet I’m making more than twice what you make. There it is. I rest my case.”

I let out a deep sigh and said, “I guess we agree to disagree. Tell you what hot-shot, you can pick up the check since you make twice as much as me.”

Sam stood up and said, “My pleasure. And it’s MORE than twice as much my friend.”

As I made my way home, I chuckled to myself thinking I had the last laugh. After all, I got an invitation to the company holiday party while Sam stayed home counting his stack of contracting money. Then again, maybe Sam is the one who will have the last laugh after all.

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