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Systems Engineers

Raytheon Systems Engineer II

Average: $73,016

Range: $62k to $80k

Lockheed Martin System Engineer

Average: $74,428

Range: $60k to $124k

Network Engineers

General Dynamics Network Engineer

Average: $89,362

Range: $74k to $104k

Nortel Network Engineer

Average: $75,643

Range: $42k to $105k

Verizon Network Engineer

Average: $72,985

Range: $42k to $103k

IT Salaries: Miscellaneous

HP Solutions Architect

Average: $110,838

Range: $70k to $143k

TEKsystems Technical Recruiter

Average: $36,675

Range: $30k to $40k

Akamai Technical Sales Engineer

Average: $109,464

Range: $99k to $120k

Siemens IT Solutions, Technician

Average: $23.85 per hour

Range: $20 to $25 per hour

Lenovo Product Manager

Average: $86,300

Range: $65k to $130k

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