Oracle Analytics Cloud: Service Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line:

Oracle has a lot of different technologies within its vast portfolio that can be used with Big Data, but it is the Analytics Cloud that is perhaps the best option for the widest variety of enterprise users.

The Oracle Analytics Cloud packages all the core capabilities that organizations need to analyze data in a self-service cloud model. Additionally, it is easy-to-use and priced on a consumption model that should make it easier for organizations to adopt as well.

Among the key differentiators of the Oracle Analytics Cloud is the platform's automation capabilities for different types of analytics and Big Data analysis use-cases. Organizations that are already used to using Oracle tools, including Oracle's namesake database, will likely be the most attracted to the Analytics Cloud offering.

Service Description:

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service offering that provides organizations with the tools and capabilities needed to ingest and analyze Big Data, without the need to install anything on-premises. The cloud service integrates with the Oracle Event Hub Cloud service to ingest data and the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service to store data.

The Oracle Analytics Cloud is positioned as a self-service platform for connecting and preparing data for analysis as well as setting up visualizations to gain insights from the data. The platform supports collaboration across multiple users that are using the web interface and/or mobile devices.


  • Automated visual insights. The platform provides a smart insights feature that automatically surfaces insights from data.
  • Interactive dashboards. Dashboards are user configurable to get the required data views and analysis.
  • Self-service data preparation. Oracle provides integrated connectors to make it easier for organizations to load different types of Big Data.
  • Collaboration. Data can be shared across authorized users to conduct different types of analysis.



Use Cases:

Oracle database and Big Data stack users and organizations that don't want to deploy software on-premises.


Standard Edition - starts at $1.3441 per hour

Enterprise Edition - $4.0323 per hour


Oracle Analytics Cloud


Oracle database and Big Data stack users

Key Differentiator

Automation for analytics and Big Data


Standard Edition: starts at $1.3441 per hour

Enterprise Edition: $4.0323 per hour