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Leon Yen is a staff writer for Datamation. He has been reporting on technology for over a decade and has written for CNET and BigThink. Before that, he was the co-founder and CEO of a cybersecurity startup, where he led the development of an industry-first cyber risk management platform. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and a BS in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. In his spare time, he enjoys writing science fiction, surfing, and painting murals.

A global network of data and endpoints.

Network Security Market

IT futurists have long predicted the eventual disappearance of the so-called perimeter, but the truth is that physical networks — and the solutions for...
Quantitative data.

Cloud Database Trends

At Oracle OpenWorld 2019, Larry Ellison made a pledge that his company would bring to market the world’s first autonomous cloud: databases, infrastructure, and...
A cloud computing network architecture.

Public Cloud Market Trends

It’s official: the cloud is now above the clouds. Microsoft recently announced the connecting of Azure to the International Space Station (ISS), enabling crew...
A hybrid cloud with on-premises, private, and public cloud architecture.

On Premises vs. Cloud

2020 was a watershed year for cloud service providers: for the first time since the advent of cloud computing, enterprise spending on cloud services...
Man pointing to a hierarchical data model to illustrate data modeling.

Data Modeling Trends

With global data creation increasing at unprecedented rates, collection is more often a trivial task: computers, smartphones, and any number of Internet of Things...
A team collects data for mining and analysis.

Data Science Market Trends

When famed mathematician John W. Tukey postulated that advanced computing would have a profound effect on data analysis, he probably didn’t imagine the full...