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DevOps tools go hand in hand with the best practices in software development – along with the necessary discipline.


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  1. Puppet

    Another release manager, Puppet Enterprise specifically manages Infrastructure as Code (IAC), a type of IT infrastructure provisioning process where systems are automatically built, managed and provisioned with code instead of a scripting process. Because it's code, the process is easily repeatable. Puppet makes for easier versioning, automated testing and continuous delivery and can respond to problems or errors quicker.

  2. Chef

    Another popular IAC configuration management tool, users writes "recipes" that describe how Chef configures and manages server applications and utilities. These recipes describe a series of resources that should be in a particular state for apps like Hadoop or MySQL, such as dependencies, packages, files, and services. Chef handles all configuring of the apps, totally automating the process.

  3. Ansible

    Unlike Chef and Puppet, Ansible is a configuration and management tool for software deployment and configuration of clients, covering Unix, Linux, and Windows. It uses JSON and YAML instead of IAC and requires no node agent for the installation. It works both on internal systems through OpenStack as well as Amazon EC2.

  4. New Relic

    New Relic's technology is a SaaS-based monitor system Web and mobile applications for iOS and Android in real time, whether they run on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setting. It monitors application performance to assist in tuning and optimization of the apps, and covers Web applications written in Ruby, Java, .NET, Python, PHP, and Node.js.

  5. Dynatrace

    Another application monitoring product, Dynatrace detects and diagnoses performance problems in applications in real time, drilling down to the problem code like memory leaks or bad database queries while it is being used. It monitors all application transactions and automatically generates an error ticket to the QA and test groups when a problem is found.

  6. Project Atomic

    A competitor of sorts to Docker, Project Atomic brings together a minimal operating system version of Linux that can be atomically updated with rollback, the Docker container format and runtime, and Kubernetes for container orchestration across a scalable pool of servers.

  7. ServiceNow

    What started as a service for automating IT support requests has turned into a $1 billion business and a potential competitor to Salesforce. ServiceNow sells cloud software for automating all kinds of processes, such as collecting approvals for a legal contract. Its DevOps side is focused on the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform to build and deploy applications from scratch or on existing content, share the content and accelerate the development of new applications. The App Creator tool allows business people without any knowledge of programming to develop self-services programs.

  8. Splunk

    Splunk can best be described as Google for logfiles. Servers generate massive amounts of log data but who wants to read through the logfiles of an entire data center to determine the state of the servers or software? Using its own search algorithm, Splunk looks for things like slow apps, slow servers, times when performance may suffer or when the load is increased.

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