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At a Dell event, healthcare IT startups pitched to score major funding. Can you pick the winner?


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6) AnesthesiaOS

AnesthesiaOS is designed to provide the anesthesiologist with enhanced situational awareness.  This collects information across a variety of anesthesia machines both real time and historically. This can be connected to patent problems and procedures to both showcase what should be done and to flag any system that varies from standards, assuring both consistence and quality by flagging mistakes before they become critical.  

The system can help predict outcomes, help diagnosis, and the result in a far better informed anesthesiologist, better assuring the positive outcome of the procedure.  (As a side note, realizing that this class of professional is largely not networked today isn’t making me feel that warm and fuzzy about going to a hospital).  You’d think this kind of a solution would be required. 

7) Mana Health

Mana Health was the last company presenting and they acted more like a young startup, talking about the folks creating the product and playing to that audience who was watching online.   They provide a very simple patent portal that aggregates all of the different pieces of your medical life. 

What has often fascinated me is that it often seems easier for strangers to get access to medical information about you – people that shouldn’t have access – than it is for you to get access to your own stuff, and this solution is designed to fix this imbalance. It connects to health monitors like the FitBit, providing an integrated way for you, a loved one (who you want to have access), or a health care provider to get a comprehensive look at your total health situation.  

Designed for the State of New York, this is actually the first solution that addresses this problem that looks like it is both comprehensive enough and easy enough for most folks to actually use.

And the Winner Is….

This was a fascinating way for Dell to connect to solutions that used Dell technology to address problems for a relatively small amount of investment and virtually no real risk. Each of these products was already succeeding in market and the firms were looking for funding in order to grow more quickly (and get some extra visibility). 

We often chastise older tech firms because they aren’t innovative enough. The way to fix that is to aggressively bring in young firms with new blood and that is what this event is all about.  It was fascinating to watch a bunch of companies all do, with a fraction of the resource, what is very hard for a large company to do: come up with creative ideas that actually work.  

It wasn’t lost on me that one of these firms’ solutions might save my life one day.  For the sponsors this clearly was a lot of bang for their investment buck and for the small companies a big boost from firms that likely wouldn’t have known they existed otherwise.  

Oh, and the winning company was AnesthesiaOS.  Congrats!




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