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IT Configuration and Management

32. Ansible

Used by companies like Rackspace, Care.com and Evernote, Ansible offers application deployment, configuration management and continuous delivery capabilities. It addition to the open source engine, it's available in a supported enterprise edition, and paid training and consulting are also available. Operating System: Linux

Media Publishing

33. MediaGoblin

Want to set up a site to share photos, videos or audio files? MediaGoblins aims to make it easy to create your own alternative to Flickr, YouTube and similar sites. Operating System: Linux


34. Kale

The website Etsy created this tool to help monitor its operations. It includes two separate parts: Skyline, which detects anomalies, and Oculus, which finds similar metrics. Operating System: Linux

Operating System

35. Firefox OS

Created by Mozilla (the organization behind the Firefox browser), Firefox is a brand new mobile operating system. The first smartphones based on the OS have been released in Spain and others are expected in developing markets.

36. Elementary OS

Based on Ubuntu, this Linux distribution emphasizes transparency, modern interfaces, speed and apps. After several beta releases, the first official release came out earlier this month.

37. CoreOS

Still an alpha release, CoreOS is version of Linux designed for massive server deployments. It's a minimal distribution that includes nothing but the Linux kernel and systemd.

Personal Website Builder

38. Syte

Syte integrates all your social interactions from Tumblr, Twitter, Github, Dribbble, Instagram and other services into your personal website. It's a great way to let people learn all about your online activities from one convenient location. Operating System: OS Independent

Photo Filters

39. GPUImage

This alternative to Apple's Core Image filters offers much faster processing thanks to its use of GPU technology. It also allows users to create their own filters, and it runs on iOS 4. However, it lacks some advanced features like facial recognition. Operating System: iOS


40. Impress.js

Inspired by Prezi, this CSS3-based tool helps users create presentations that scroll, zoom and slide around the screen, instead of being bound to rectangular slides. Note that it doesn't have a particularly user-friendly interface yet and is best for those who are comfortable with code. The project also warns, "impress.js may not help you if you have nothing interesting to say." Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad

41. Reveal.js

Another HTML presentation creation tool, Reveal.js features an interesting three-dimensional navigation system (go up or down as well as backwards and forwards), and unlike Impress.js, it has an easy-to-use editor. The link above will show you Reveal.js in action; for the source code, see the GitHub page. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad

Programming Languages

42. Harlan

Many systems today include GPUs, which promise greater performance and lower energy use. Harlan is an attempt at a programming language designed specifically to take advantage of the capabilities of GPUs. Operating System: Linux, OS X

43. Terra

Terra is a C-like language that can interoperate with Lua, but it can also be used alone. It's useful for high-performance computing. Operating System: Linux, OS X

Project Management

44. Project Libre

The team behind the abandoned OpenProj project are working on this alternative to Microsoft Project. Because it's a fork, the code is already very useable, despite the fact that the release is still technically a beta. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X


45. OpenBEL

Although the project was originally begun by Selventa, the Linux Foundation now manages this effort aimed at creating a programming language "representing scientific findings in the life sciences in a computable form." The BEL part stands for Biological Expression Language. The project includes a framework, an editor and a navigator. Operating System: Linux

46. Open Source Malaria

This is another example of the open source movement spreading beyond software. It's an open science effort to find a cure for malaria. It's hosted on GitHub, and anyone can contribute. Operating System: OS Independent

47. OpenWorm

This unusual project is dedicated to building the first digital life form—a virtual version of the C. elegans nematode. They have code for several projects available through GitHub, or you can contribute simply by joining in on a Google Hangout discussion. The entire project (as well as the code) is guided by open source principles. Operating System: OS Independent

Secure Messaging

48. Tox

This project is so new that it isn't ready for use yet, but it looks promising—and timely. It aims to be a Skype alternative that allows you to communicate with friends and family in complete privacy. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Task Management

49. Cheddar for iOS

This open source iOS app makes it easy to track your to-do list on the go. The app is free for one or two lists, but requires a subscription for additional lists—or you can download the source code and create your own similar app. Operating System: iOS

Video Tools

50. Hyperlapse

This tool uses Google Street View images to creating time-lapse videos that also move from one location to another. The results can be truly amazing. You can play with the tool online or download the code to incorporate similar capabilities into your own website. Operating System: OS Independent

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